Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Readaholics Anonymous

I had a mental battle today... a big one...

I was driving to the library today, grumbling, of course, about how I don't make enough money to support my growing book addiction.

Boo, hoo, everyone pity me... I have to borrow books. Boo, hoo, hoo, hoo.

Not that I have anything against libraries... librarians... or even library books, really.

I just have a "thing" for the way a book spine crackles when I open it for the first time.... the delicious wafting of ink and new paper floating out, tickling my senses with the tantalizing anticipation of adventures that I will find within those stark, white, hot-off-the-press pages...

"Hi. My name is Julie. And I'm an addict."

Yeah. For real.

So there I was, bargaining with the Devil about what I'd exchange for a never-ending supply of new books...

"I'd give up chocolate..."

"I'd give up my soul..."

I'd give up new shoes..."




Did I just say shoes?


Let me think.

Idon'tknow. Idon'tknow. Idon'tknow!

There wasn't actually a victor in the epic mental battle of New Shoes v. New Books. I justified my lack of conviction by telling myself: "Pshaw, riiiight... as IF I'd ever get a never-ending supply of new books!"

But in reality, I was just indecisive.

About the shoes, anyway.

I'd totally give up my soul, though. Haha.

Just kidding.

What would YOU give up for a never-ending supply of  new books?!


Jen said...

I am library bum too, and I always check their new book section first. Sometimes I request new books, if I'm willing to wait. Otherwise I see what deals I can get on Kindle or Smashwords and the like. But I do have a set budget, and sometimes the shoes must suffer! :)

Julie said...

Jen: I still haven't conformed to the Kindle... my resolve is slowly wearing down, though, ESPECIALLY when I know electronic books are so stinkin cheap!

Also, who am I kidding? This girl loves shoes, but I think truthfully, if there was a book/shoe showdown, the book would win ( : as evidence from my overflowing bookshelves and sparsely filled closet!

Gina said...

Oh my God, I enter contests like it's my job because I'm addicted to that SOMEONE-IS-ACTUALLY-GOING-TO-SEND-ME-A-FREE-BOOK-IF-I-WIN feeling. My boss has come into my office more than once as I'm desperately getting an entry in on my phone. It's sad!

Julie said...

Gina: Hahahaha! That's SO awesome! I saw that you just got a free copy of Everneath on your blog, and to that I say: Eeek!

Oh, and yes, gorgeous cover.

I may just have to copy cat you and start entering contests too. Cause honestly, who DOESN'T like free junk?! (And from Harper Collins, no less!)

Jeff King said...

My TV...

Julie said...

Jeff: Brilliant. Then I could stop getting distracted by re-runs of Criminal Minds...

Jo Schaffer said...

BOOKS. (= Love them. Beg, steal or borrow.

Julie said...

Jo: Haha! Steal... Book Theif style.

Okay, lame joke, I know. ( ;

Christa said...

I'm not lying: I spent more money last year on books than I did on clothes, shoes, and the gym combined. So so sad.

I have 3 small children, I can't buy fancy shoes anymore, but I can always buy more books.

Julie said...

Christa: Isn't it amazing how we can always find a good justification to buy a new book? I a pro at it!

Food? Rent? Pshaw! Books, please!

Sylvi said...

HA! What a question Sis... and yup I have no answer for that on either. (: I feel the same as you do about borrowing books! But hey honestly if I had all the money in the world....well lets say I would be living in my books. And I would most likely buy every single one I could too! Lol you know I would too considering how I grew up and still am.

Julie said...

Sylvi: yes, I'm well aware you have no qualms about getting books any which way you can... as evident from the fact that my Way of Kings novel disappeared for 6 months before you confessed you "borrowed" it and "totally thought I knew aobut it," even though I was moving and had no clue where it was!


I hope you DO get that limitless supply of cash-ola someday... for no other reason than I don't want to see you in prison for holding up a Barnes and Noble. Heehee ( :