Saturday, June 22, 2013

Still alive!

Hey Peeps, its me. Julie. 

Remember me? Had a 2013 new years resolution to do a blog post at least once a week? 

[cue light bulbs]

Yeah. As you can see... two months since my last post=EPIC new years resolution failure. There was, though, an... ahem... well... BUMP in the road that has caused me to fall off the bandwagon a wee bit:

I'm smiling and pretty in this picture. But what I really look and feel like is this:

I think that's a zombie preggy person. Or maybe a preggy demon. I'm not really sure. But the point is, she looks pretty miserable in an TELL-ME-ONE-MORE-TIME-I-LOOK-TIRED....I-DARE-YOU, kinda way. Which pretty much sums up my current state of being. Oh, plus some vomiting, which I haven't experienced since being hospitalized in the Gettysburg hospital on my 9th grade American Heritage spring break trip. (True story!) 

Luckily, though, with the first trimester just about in my rear view mirror (does it end at 12, 13 or 14 weeks... can anyone agree??), I'm starting to feel a TINSEY bit better. (And by "tinsey," I mean that I might be able to commit to writing about three words a day on my WIP). With any luck, there will be sunshine and rainbows coming up in the next few months!

Unless, of course, the golden era of the second trimester is a myth. In which case, there will probably be more hiatus-ing of the blog. 

I'm pushing for sunshine and rainbows here... 

If for no other reason than I'm starting to run out of episodes of Bones to watch. 

What have all of you lovlies been up to? Any zombie-deamon-preggy lady advice for a first time preggy lady? New shows to pick up after I run out of Bones? Hope you all are well!!