Saturday, June 22, 2013

Still alive!

Hey Peeps, its me. Julie. 

Remember me? Had a 2013 new years resolution to do a blog post at least once a week? 

[cue light bulbs]

Yeah. As you can see... two months since my last post=EPIC new years resolution failure. There was, though, an... ahem... well... BUMP in the road that has caused me to fall off the bandwagon a wee bit:

I'm smiling and pretty in this picture. But what I really look and feel like is this:

I think that's a zombie preggy person. Or maybe a preggy demon. I'm not really sure. But the point is, she looks pretty miserable in an TELL-ME-ONE-MORE-TIME-I-LOOK-TIRED....I-DARE-YOU, kinda way. Which pretty much sums up my current state of being. Oh, plus some vomiting, which I haven't experienced since being hospitalized in the Gettysburg hospital on my 9th grade American Heritage spring break trip. (True story!) 

Luckily, though, with the first trimester just about in my rear view mirror (does it end at 12, 13 or 14 weeks... can anyone agree??), I'm starting to feel a TINSEY bit better. (And by "tinsey," I mean that I might be able to commit to writing about three words a day on my WIP). With any luck, there will be sunshine and rainbows coming up in the next few months!

Unless, of course, the golden era of the second trimester is a myth. In which case, there will probably be more hiatus-ing of the blog. 

I'm pushing for sunshine and rainbows here... 

If for no other reason than I'm starting to run out of episodes of Bones to watch. 

What have all of you lovlies been up to? Any zombie-deamon-preggy lady advice for a first time preggy lady? New shows to pick up after I run out of Bones? Hope you all are well!!


Barbara Kloss said...

Hang in there, love!!! I SO empathize, but you will return to normal!!! XO

L.P. Hernandez said...

Congrats! My wife and I did a zombie maternity shoot for our "fun" maternity pictures. I still have one of the pictures at the top of my blog. My wife's advice is to invest in a good body pillow!

D.V. Sheppard said...

Congratulations, Julie! Glad to see you blogging again - though you definitely have a solid excuse for being absent. Hope things start turning up.
Wish I had some good suggestions for a new show for you to binge on during those not feeling so good hours. Afraid I'm plum out of good suggestions that are on par- quality-wise - with Bones - though if I find anything, I'll share. Take care!

Terry Lee said...

Just finished watching Breaking Dawn, Part 1 AGAIN and remember the first time we all watched it together. Oh, how we squealed..actually we screamed. Taped the first Harry Potter for Jackson to watch (we just had him and Josh for 2 nights while Mom & Dad moved to their new house) but after watching the ending...well, maybe when he's 6...or 7.

I'm not much help on suggesting shows because you probably (most definitely) like different shows than me. I'm hooked on Downton Abby which I doubt would interest you. Do you have Netflix? You could stream that and watch tons of TV series.

My precious girl...hang in there. While this will seem to be the longest 9 mos. of your life, believe it or not, that will only be a blur further down the road. Doesn't make it any easier now but you do know there's an end. For someone as active as you, I'm sure this time is even harder.

Since I just started my blog, maybe you can give me some blogging advice...that is, once you start feeling better, and you WILL feel better. Repeat as necessary.

Love you Jules:)

prerna pickett said...

it all differs from person to person, with my first two pregnancies the morning sickness ended at around 12 weeks and it was miraculous and wonderful and i ate way too much. with my last two pregnancies it last until 20 weeks :/...hang in there, it'll all be worth it in the end!

A Kuhn said...
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Mandi said...

If you run out of Bones I suggest you invest in Netflix and begin Supernatural, Game of Thrones, or Doctor Who and have a theme based movie marathons such as movies that start actors named James (Franco, McAvoy, or Dean are my favorites!) or movies that were made in the 50's. There are plenty of ways Netflix can serve you. LOL

Morning sickness varies from woman to woman. I dare any woman to tell a pregnant woman "Oh, I didn't get sick that much!" and see if the current pregnant woman doesn't high-five their face on behalf of those who hate such braggers.

Also, just remember, second trimester is a breeze but come third trimester you gain another set of problems. Such as your bladder is no longer yours to control-especially when your kid decides to tap dance or try that new karate move. You will then experience the occasional "fist pump"...usually in the general area known as your ribcage. Then there's that time where your kid becomes nocturnal and thinks it's awesome to "Just Keep Swimming" even though it's time for mommy to sleep.

And I've had FAR too many conversations about boobs with pregnant friends that your ta-ta's will begin to have a mind of their own too. I suggest a good supportive bra because Victoria's Secret might hold up a man's play yard, but when it comes to the play yard turning into a dairy farm? Well, those playtex bras start to look VERY appealing!

Trust me, you've got a LOT to look forward to, but it's not all bad. I have experienced all the above with friends on more than 5 occasions, including a friend who was a week and a half over due and her doctor said, "You won't go into labor for at least three more days! Go out and do what you have to do!" An hour later, standing in line at Starbucks, Mary* made a lake. Mortified, she told the people behind the counter that she was sorry but not before some guy slipped, and was on his back before he knew what happened. The man, just sat there in that lake in a very emotional state. We thought he found Jesus because kept screaming his name, so we left him to praise the Lord by himself before running out the door. Seventeen hours later she was in full labor and had her kid by the next evening.

Pregnancy is an adventure that even rivals Katniss in the Hunger Games. So, may the odds be ever in your favor! LOL

P.S Whatever happens, it'll make a great comedic story someday down the road...
P.P.S I don't think I've ever talked to you like this! I hope you find it as hilarious as it was intended. But all the above is true! LOL

Julie said...

Barb: Its nice to have friends to empathize with!!! <3

LP: A zombie pregnancy photo shoot sounds incredibly epic!!! I love that!! My husband and I are actually signed up to do a 5k zombie run in September (signed up before I knew I was knocked up!) Should be fun! Though, I imagine that I will inevitably end up as zombie food ( :

DV: Yes, Bones sets a high standard, does it not? ( : Love that show!

Terry: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!! I LOVE DOWNTON!!! I've watched seasons 1, 2 and 3 twice now! Rob and I are BOTH addicted. We're counting down the days til season 4.

Also, I love that you know me so well... yes... being an active person rendered completely useless DOES make this even more difficult. I just keep thinking of how much time I'm wasting and want to pull my hair out!!!

Prerna: Lucky girl! I'm a 14 weeks and still feeling rather lousy. Though... I feel like my periods of "feel good" are getting longer and more frequent, so maybe that means I'm on the upswing! [fingers crossed!]

Mandi: I <3 Netflix!!! How do you think I've been managing to plow through seven seasons of Bones so easily? I'm working on how I will get my hands on season 8...

I tried Dr. Who one time... that first episode was WEIRD. I haven't tried since. I know I'm probably missing out on something, since all of my like-minded nerd friends rave about it. Still... I'm having issues with that first episode.

I love your pregnancy stories! I was laughing out loud!!! Which, as you may or may not know, isn't advisable for preggy ladies... it contracts the stomach muscles. Which is just plain uncomfortable. (At least that's the excuse I tell Rob every time he tries to tickle or annoy me... I'm SO milking the preggy excuse!) You rock <3

S. L. Hennessy said...

I'm SOOO sorry you feel so bad Jules, but so happy you're into Bones. It's one of my FAV shows.

Jolene Fine said...

Don't forget to post the baby pictures!