Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Craptastic" Covers

For me, it's impossible not to enjoy the little things about writting a book. Like stylization, formating, chapter headings, etc., etc. Messing aroung with small details like that--while complete insignificant and unimportant to the entire novel writting scheme--make the whole process seem more "real" and MUCH more fun. Hence, I've tried creating a few covers. They're mostly experimental, and lets be honest, "craptastic," but you know what? I have fun doing it! And plus, it's not right handing out naked copies of a manuscript... no, no. A book needs a cover, and that's just all there is to it!

This is the cover that I made this summer:

As you can see, it's quite primitive, and doesn't really tell you much about the story. But with my very limited knowledge in photoshop, it was the best I could do.

This is one I came up with the other day.

I haven't given out any manuscripts with this cover. And I actually don't think I will, because I'm not so sure I like it. Mostly I was just messing around with layering photos together (my photoshop knowlege is growing!) and came up with this. I kind of like where the concept is going... but it's going to need a few more tweaks before I feel like its read to represent a rough draft of my book.

Stay tuned! More photoshop cataclysms to come!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

On the bright side....

So I feel as though my last post might have been a bit too negative. Although I did get rejected by my number one agent and have since cried myself to sleep over it for the past few days (sniffle, sniffle), one good thing DID happen over Thanksgiving break that was both good and book-related. My little sister read my book from cover to cover in all of about 24 hours! Little sissy is a reader... she's quite skilled in the art of seeking out and devouring good books. She's also a very quick reader--when the book is good, that is--so the fact that she read my book from cover to cover in 24 hours is a VERY good thing! It means she liked it! After finishing it, she came into the kitchen (where I was making a great big chocolate cake--yum!) with this dreamy look on her face. She gave a great big sigh and said "oh, that book was goooooood." Now, you must understand, I've seen this look before. Usually she gets this way after reading a good book that I've recoomended to her. So I thought she was talking about a recent book that I had told her to read. I was surprised and delighted when she told me that she wasn't talking about any of my recent book reccomendations, but rather, she was talking about MY book! Among other things, she said she loved the ending and couldn't wait for me to write the next one. Um, Sissy Poo, YOU MADE MY DAY!!

Now, I know what you're all saying, that it doesn't really count cause she's my sister and of course, she is obligated to both read the book AND tell me she likes it. Fear not! I've already considered that! I am well aware that Little Sissy's assesment of the book is in no way an indication of how everyone else in the world will feel about it... in fact, according to the agetns I've receieved feedback from so far, NO ONE will like it! The bottom line is, I do have my head on straight about this small, miniscule victory.

But alas, it IS a victory nontheless, and I shall enjoy it thoroughly!!