Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writer's on Strike

I suppose I'm overdue for a new blog post... (ahem)... actually... I suppose I was overdue to be overdue for a post like TWO WEEKS ago! Haha. For those of you actually still checking for updates (hello... anyone out there??), I've been on strike. Just like this:

Haha. Just kidding. If ONLY I was cool enough for that. You know. As a member of the REAL Writer's Guild. Actually, this is the way us wannabe's strike:

Its not so much strike, as it is a complete melt down. YOU know.... the Im-so-sick-of-looking-at-my-manuscript-that-I-refuse-to-write-anything-longer-than-a-facebook-comment-for-three-weeks feeling? Yeah. 

On the bright side, this strike was COMPLETELY warranted because... I FINISHED ANOTHER DRAFT OF MY NOVEL!!! Woot, woot! [happy dance]! Granted, I may have taken a leave of melt down longer than necessary. BUT, look at me... I'm back in the saddle again! 

I'm actually pretty excited because my little sister (who is a read-a-holic... FOR REAL) actually read this draft in--like--LESS than two days. That's like... I dunno... Harry Potter fast. And look, I know she's my sister, so she HAS to like me, regardless, BUT STILL. She wouldn't have read it that fast if she didn't like it.... right?! I'm hoping the "pros" (aka agents) have as much confidence in New Draft as my sissy did. 

Anyway, with New Draft packaged with gusto and sent out into the scary world of agenting, I'm back to the relaxing, I-love-my-writing-job stage again. [sigh].

So what have all of you been up to while I've been away? Anyone else do do a Hunger Games midnight showing? I'm DYING to know what you thought of it!!

Me with my Hunger Games ticket waiting for the movie to start.
Who says I'm too old for midnight showings?! Eeek!