Wednesday, July 4, 2012

UN-Insecure Writer's Post

Hello, fellow writer-ites! 

First of all, I feel I deserve major pats-on-the-back for ACTUALLY remembering that today is the first Wednesday of the month, our lovely, designated, all-sacred, insecure writers day.

*Accepting back pats now*

But secondly, I feel the need to make an amendment to the "Insecurity" aspect of this, our Insecure Writer's Day posting. Instead, fellow Ladies and Gents of the Pen, I officially nominate this "first Wednesday," as the UN-Insecure Writers Day. 

Here's to writers with nerve.

To writers with conviction.

To writers with vision.

To writers with courage. 

To writers who act.

Here's to the power of ink and paper. 

Heres to you, Mr. Thomas Jefferson. To you Mr. John Adams. And you, Mr. Benjamin Franklin. Robert R. Livingston. Roger Sherman . . . 

. . . Samuel Adams. Josiah Bartlett. Carter Braxton. Charles Carroll. Samuel Chase. Abraham Clark. George Clymer. William Ellery. William Floyd. Elbridge Gerry. Button Gwinnett. Lyman Hall. John Hancock. Benjamin Harrison. John Hart. Joseph Hart. Joseph Hewes. Thomas Heyward. William Hooper. Stephen Hopkins. Francis Hopkinson. Samuel Huntington. Francis Lightfoot Lee. Richard Henry Lee. Francis Lewis. Philip Livingston. Thomas Lynch. Thomas McKean. Arthur Middleton. Lewis Morris. Robert Morris. John Morton. Thomas Nelson. William Paca. Robert Treat Paine. John Penn. George Read. Ceasar Rodney. George Ross. Benjamin Rush. Edward Rutledge. James Smith. Richard Stockton. Thomas Stone. George Taylor. Matthew Thornton. George Walton. William Whipple. William Williams. James Wilson. John Witherspoon. Oliver Wolcott. And George Wythe. 

Here, is to the power of words. 

To the power of UN-Insecure writers. 

On the 4th of July, the first Wednesday, of the seventh month, of the year two thousand and twelve, here's to you, signers of the Declaration of Independence. To your pens. Your thoughts. Your words. And for being thoroughly and unfailingly Un-Insecure. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.