Sunday, March 28, 2010

Option Atlantris likely

So this week I sent five packets of sample book material to my new author buddy. The plan is for author buddy to read and review my material and pass said material on to his "connections" in the literary world. After that, the plan is a bit hazy. It could go one of two ways... the first, I never hear back from either author buddy OR any of author buddy's said connections. This option definitely has the greater likelihood of actually happening.

The second thing that could happen, is that defying all the odds, one of author buddy's connections will miraculously pull through and contact me about my book! Sadly, the actual likelihood of this happening is slim to none... I would guesstimate it having a 98.742 percent chance of failing. In fact, it's probably safe to say that scientists have a better chance at discovering the lost city of Atlantis than this actually happening. (Okay, I might be exaggerating slightly on that one...) However, looking on the much more brighter side, this IS better than the 99.9 percent chance of rejection I have at just about every literary agency I've sent my stuff to so far!

Progress, people, that's what this is all about!

By the way, without disclosing any names or other identifying factors, I found out that this particular author actually has connections to friends in high places in the literary world. For some reason, I didn't think the connections would be that great because my dad met him in my home town (and really, its pitifully small compared to the literary hub of New York City). But surprisingly, his book contract is with a VERY large, well-known publishing agency. Lets just say that if by some miracle I happened to get a book contract with this particular agency... well... there's not much further up I can go! I'd be thrilled!
Needless to say, fingers still crossed.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Awesome Craptastic Cover

My favorite one to date!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So much bad, and then WHAM! Good news!

Yesterday, during a highly anticipated America's Next Top Model season premiere par-te (yes, law school girls are still girls... we love our drama!), I get a lovely call from my dad. I ALMOST didn't answer it. After all, its a girl party, and guys are most definitely NOT allowed at a girl party! But since I don't get random calls from my parents very often, I decided to give it a whirl.

Boy am I glad I answered it!!

Long story short, my dad meets this guy in his office who is doing some kind of article on Oral Surgery. They get to talking and my dad finds out he's a publisher. Then they get to talking some more and my dad mentions that I wrote a book and how I was trying to get it published. The guy then offered to read some of my stuff and pass it on to 5 or 6 more publishing companies that he has connections with.

[pause here for jumping up and down ecstatically!!!!]

Had my friends unexpectedly interrupted my conversation at that point, this is what they would have seen me doing!

But after I had my happy joy jumping session, I brought myself back down to earth and tried to sound like a professional as I finished the conversation up with my dad (not an easy feat!). And now, after a good night's sleep, I am trying REALLY hard to not to get overly excited about this. I keep telling myself, "Julie, it might be nothing. Julie, it might be nothing." After all, this guy hasn't read ANY of my work, and truthfully, when it all comes down to it, he might hate it. So I don't want to get myself all pumped up for a dead end lead..... Still, its hard NOT to get excited! Manuscripts with referrals have a MUCH better slush-pile-survival-rate than those without. Meaning, if this guy actually LIKES my book, and gives me a good referral, the chances of my manuscript getting published shoots up like a rocket!

So when push comes to shove, the bottom line of all this is that the life of my book is ridding on this one guy's opinion of my writing.

Nerve wracking? You bet!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


...18 and counting.

But on the bright side, other new authors are doing great! I'm almost finished with Amy Greene's debut novel, Bloodroot. Fabulous read. Go her. I'm feeding off her new author vibes, send 'em my way, Amy!