Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Glass Case of Emotion!

So this weekend I'm attending my first writing conference... EVER. The conference is hosted by the Houston Writer's Guild, and, I'm not gonna lie... I might be just a little bit nervous. Excited, yes (lots of juicy writing tips, hooray!) but nerves too. Plenty. Why, you ask?

Because I'm meeting with 2 agents and an editor to discuss the possibility of representing my book.

Can I request a cone of silence?

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm in a glass case of emotion!!!!

Okay, now that all that hullabaloo is over with... I've never met with an agent face to face before. I'm queried more than my fair share. Believe me. I have. But pitch in person? Haha. No. This is a first.

But I figured I needed to start. I read somewhere that agents get most of their represented material from writing conferences and referrals. (Which, incidentally, I had no idea, by the way. No wonder all my query letters were getting sent back...) And since the odds of me getting Stephenie Meyer to refer me to her agent are slim to none, I figured I better up my writing conference attendance.

But honestly, I have no idea what to expect. It sorta, kinda feels like a job interview... but not the kind I've ever done. Not that I'd be worried if it WAS a job interview... I did 3 years of summer sales in college, so charming an interviewer? THAT, I can do! But an agent? This is uncharted territory! I have no idea what to expect. Will they talk back? Ask questions? Interact with me? Or will they just say "Okay, your 10 minutes start now... go!" What should I wear? How should I act? Its all so new and scary... [whimpers]...

So anyway, for any of you savvy writers out that who HAVE met with an agent face to face, I'd love to hear advice! Tips. Words of Wisdom. Fortune cookie messages... Really, anything you can tell me about the process would be most helpful. I'm totally flying by the seat of my pants here!


Barbara Kloss said...

Ooo exciting!!! Don't be nervous! You'll do GREAT. Seriously. Remember, agents are people, too :) Take the time to say "Hello and thank you for doing this!" before you pitch anything. Also, it helps YOU calm down a bit :)

You should check out Nathan Bransfords blog for info on pitching. He's got SO much great stuff on it. Also, Rachelle Gardner has some great info on it as well.

Take a deep breath and be SO excited!

Anonymous said...

Be yourself. They'll be afraid to say 'no' lol. Good luck! Alan

Julie said...

Barb: Thanks for the advice and the blogs (I heart new blogs)! I'll definitely check 'em out!

Alan: You couldn't possibily be insinuating that I frighten people with me "I'll-kill-you-in-your-slee-if-your-don't-agree-to-represent-me" personality? No. It couldn't be!