Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hot Bliggity Blog!


I just got this fabulous, fiery, hot smokin' blog award from Miss Barbara Kloss, a talented up-and-coming YA writer!
Now, I'm not entirely certain whether this is an "Ohmygosh you're blog is SO freakin' hot!" kind of an award, or if it's a "Wow... like seriously? Please, just BURN that thing already!" award.

But since Barb is pretty freakin' awesome herself, I'm gonna go with the first one (fingers crossed!)

Either way, it definitely means I'm getting more traffic on the blog, and I like the idea of that. The more the merrier, I say!

And, as tradition dictates, I'm supposed to pass this lovely award onto a few of my own fav blogs.

First, to the lovely Sylvi Baker, who while not currently a writer herself, is without a doubt, my biggest fan. She supports me in everything I do and I swear, has gobbled up every single draft of my novel I've ever thrown at her. Hopefully this award will help the traffic on her own starter blog!

Next, to Miss S.L. Hennessy, my awesome writing and critique buddy in the Houston Writer's Guild. She writes some fab. YA literature about modern day teen super heroes. Go Lauren!

Third, to my awesome adopt-o-mom, Terry Lee-Rosing. She's another of my my Writer's Guild gurus and she writes such fantastic stuff! This isn't her book blog, but is still oh-so-awesome. Maybe once she gets a blog for her writing I can switch out the links. Love you, Terry!

Fourth, to Vickie Motter. There is a high level of likelihood that she has already received this award, because she's a fantastic literary agent herself with many, many followers. But because I'm a constant stalker of her blog, I wanted to recognize her anyway.

And last, to Tiffany, my newest follower. I don't know you very well, yet, Tiffany but I absolutely LOVE your book and can't wait to see you succeed in the literary world!

Thanks to all you awesome fellow bloggers who give me lots of fun posts to read when I'm taking a break from my own writing, help me out with critiquing, and are just, well, awesome friends! You're the best!


Emily Gibbons said...

Congratulations on the award Julie! You totally deserve it--it's a delight to read your writing. BTW, sorry I didn't get back around to editing your manuscript. My laptop died, and I just barely got a new one. It was on the old one, so I'm going to have to comb through my very full inbox that I never sort to find the attachment you sent me. If you still want my input, that is. If not, please candidly say so! :) You're awesome!

Julie said...

Thanks, Em! And yes, I'm ALWAYS looking for a good beta reader! If you want, you can click on the "Sample Chapters" tab at the top of the page... that'll give you like the first 4 or 5 chapters to hack away at. But if you've already read that and need more, let me know! I'd love to shoot you another email.

Love you!! Thanks for all your awesome support and encouragement!

Sylvi said...

Shanks Julie! That makes me feel really good about myself. I TRY to be your biggest fan but hey I'm not perfect. Love you too Sis!