Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Genre Jumping

This weekend, I went on a date with hubbs (eek!) and we saw this:
And although I heart Johnny Depp, what stole the show for me was this:
Those two had such great chemistry! And now, I'm completely obsessed with writing a story about these:
But besides the problem that a mermaid story line is not even REMOTELY close to the genre that my YA pre-dystopian political thriller, Keepers of the Flame, falls under, I might also be competing with her:
Who said in an interview I recently saw, that she wanted to (or had already started, I can't remember) write a book about mermaids.

This world is so unfair!

Ms. Meyer is about to do to the mermaid world what she did to vampires... which is, to say, that she made it almost impossible for anyone else to write about the topic without seeming like a copy cat! [Not that I don't love your books, Steph, I just wish you'd give us other poor souls a chance!] I suppose its time for me to use those freakishly awesome dead-line writing skills I recently discovered (see post below) and get my idea written before the world is graced with sparkling mermaids to compliment Edward's glittering veneer.

But what are your thoughts... is it okay for me to write a paranormal YA book about mermaids when I've already written a pre-dystopian YA political thriller? Do you think an agent would pick someone up who has such different tastes in genre? I really can't help it, you know... my tastes in writing are as varied as my tastes in reading. I have story ideas for practically every genre! But I'm obsessed with my mermaid idea at the moment... I'd love to hear what you all think about my dilemma!


Barbara Kloss said...

Being unagented myeslf, I can't really say. But I HAVE heard them say over and over again: "Write what you love". So, if you happen to love mermaids, write about them!

Plus, I think venturing into other genres helps develop your story telling and writing ability. GO for it!

ps thanks for not spoiling Pirates bc I'm going to see it this weekend

pps i'm already volunteering to beta read :)

Terry Lee-Rosing said...

If I'm remembering correctly, (and who knows about that) at the conference Chuck urged/suggested branching out...not putting all our eggs (funny expression) in one basket. Delve into different genres, different venues. As has been said, the effort expands the creative mind.
And yes, I plan to start a writing blog...just so you, my adopt-o-daughter, Jules, with your awesome blog, can mention and "link" me.
Your wit is fascinating. Keep up the good work.
By the way, how much time does it take for you to post daily? Just wondering...:)

Julie said...

Barb: You're right (of course!) on both counts... branching out into different genres helps our writing in general. AND we're better writers when we're writing what we love [wow... lots of 'W's there, eh??!] Haha ( : I'll have to remember that when I'm genre hoping. Also, you must let me know what you thought about Pirates! I thought it was great... but then, I'm a Pirates lover... I just adore the whole franchise!

p.s. Consider yourself on the beta reading list!

Terry: Oooooohhhh yeah... I forgot about that... Chuck DID mention branching out. Hmmmm. See, this is why I keep you around, adopt-o-mom... you're brilliant! (Oaky, so it isn't the ONLY reason I keep you around!)

Yay! I'm glad you're going to start a writing blog! Also, the length of time it takes to write a post generally varries for me, just like writing a chapter does. Sometimes I have it all in my head ready to go, and all I have to spill it onto the computer. Then other times the post takes some serious contemplation ( : But thats just writing for you, eh?!

Sylvi said...

Heck yes Julie! It may seem like a copy-cat to some people (-cough- idots...). But hey when you are rich and famous you'll tell the people the truth! PLus I've always wanted a good book on mermaids to read....does that seem a bit kidish? Oh well! Good luck with both of those awesome ideas! Hey by the way did you ever finish that book idea on that guy that was a guitar player? That fell in love with a girl? I thought that one was pretty cute. ( : ANyhow I think it's awesome that you are branching off from your other book! Love your guts!

Julie said...

Kiddish?! Pshaw! If its "kiddish" then I suppose I belong in the kiddy pool too! ( : Also, I have some ideas that will hopefully make this "not your average mermaid" kind of story... [cue dramatic music!]... stay tuned!

And no, I have not finished the love story yet... but its a work in progress! I liked that one too! I'll have to dust it off and start working on it again ( :

Terry Lee-Rosing said...

Another note...
Although I loved the Twilight Series, I believe you are a better writer. DO NOT (listen to the tone of my voice, young lady), allow yourself to be intimidated by a published writer...even Stephanie Meyer:)I will repeat, I believe you are a better writer. Your creative mind is "on" all the time. Aim high, girlfriend. The world is yours.

Julie said...

Thanks Terry... you're seriously the sweetest! Love you, girl!