Monday, December 16, 2013

Honey, I'm home!

Honestly, I sort of suspect that any of the few people I DID have following my blog, probably thought I died or something, and stopped following me MONTHS ago. I don't blame those people, I really don't. Radio silence for going on seven-ish months? I get it! And I wish I could say I had some awesome excuse for failing my faithful blog followers, but I really don't.

I mean, I DID have a rather gnarly pregnancy. And its true it ended in an emergency c-section. And I had to spend the first 38 days of my daughter's life visiting her in the hospital, on account of she's a cheeky little bugger and decided to come two months early… buuuuuut… as good as those reasons are, alas! None of them had anything to do with why I stopped posting. 

I just had to choose for a little while there: writing or blogging. Time is a precious commodity. You know how it goes. I see you in the back there. Yes, you, nodding your head. We understand each other!

But I'm back now. YAY! (Though I realize that many of you have now checked out, seeings how it is, in fact, the holidays….) But perhaps we can all meet again after the festivities have died down for another year?

Until then, you should probably start thinking of your fav books of 2013. Cause I will be asking shortly, on account of I have a book addiction (its a problem), and I'm sure I missed some good ones whilst holed up on the couch during my pregnancy! Missed you, writers! So glad to be back! 

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Welcome back my dearest...