Friday, July 1, 2011

Ode to a Legend

Here's to Bertie Botts Every Flavored Beans, magic wands, flying lessons, Quidditch, and J.K. Rowling, who has changed the dynamics of literature forever!

I have to admit, although its been over a decade since I first picked up that worn, borrowed copy of the Sorcerer's Stone, I still have not lost my Potter enthusiasm! I've devoured the books--more times than I care to admit--have thoroughly enjoyed all the Harry Potter costume parties, midnight book releases, and merchandise I can get my hands on. Have shamelessly paraded my HP obsession to friends, co-workers and anyone else who will listen. And yes, I most definitely DO squeal predictably during the opening credits of EVERY new HP film to hit the big screen!

However, while I'm looking forward to this final installment of HP (Eeek! It looks freakin' amazing!), I can't help but feel a bit melancholy, knowing that this is the end of my beloved HP series.

Of course, I have no doubts that Hollywood and Ms. Rowling will figure out SOME way to keep the cash cow flowing... still, its sad to finally see the more-or-less "official" end of this amazing adventure.

 Harry Potter, you will be missed!

And isn't it amazing that all that came from ONE writer?

I'm curious... what do YOU think makes Harry Potter so amazing? How did one little story about a boy wizard turn into such a world wide phenomenon?


Jeff King said...

YES… I have read the books countless times, and watched the movies over and over.
My favorite is the audio books, I love Jim Dale he is a god…

There are many hole in the story, you see them if you have covered the story as toughly as I have. But I love them regardless and always will.

I want to see J.K start at the beginning, with Harry parents going to school (with James, Serious, Lupin… and of course Snape) and ending (five or so books later) with the attempt to kill Harry as a child.

It’s the fun world and I would love to go to Hogwarts. Her writing is amazing, you feel like you’re there, and all her character feel like long-lost-friends.

Julie said...

Jeff: Oooo! Yes, that would be a fantastic story to explore... the "PRE" Harry world, if you will. I'd DEFIITELY be interested in some o' dat.

[Hint, hint, J.K.]

Also, I agree, they aren't perfect. And neither are the extremely revolutionary... which makes me wonder how they became so popular. Not that I'm complaining... I just wanna figure out the process so I can make my book the next HP must-have! Know what I'm sayin'? ( ;

Barbara Kloss said...

Gosh, I know. It's so sad! That woman changed the literary world!...and the fantastic. She made fantasy accessible to those that don't really read it, too.

I'm looking forward to Pottermore, but I certainly hope we haven't seen the last of her talented storytelling!

Julie said...

Barn: so true. She really did revolutionize the liyerary world. Fingers crossed she isnt gone for good! That would be tragic!

P.s. I still haven't checked out Pottermore. I need to get on it!

Julie said...

And by "Barn" of course I mean "Barb".... blast this trying to type on a smart phone!

Jess said...

Those posters are fantastic--looking back and forth between the first and the last one is just...amazing. And that's that.

Julie said...

Jess: I know... its crazy. We've literally seen these kids grow up on screen! I love seeing the progression ( :

ali said...

(shhhh. i haven't ever read the books. shhhhh. don't tell anyone.)

Julie said...

Ali: .... [gasp!]....No! Say its not true!

Sylvi said...

Julie you have no idea how much I wish I could see the last 2 Harry Potter movies! Awhhh one of these days I'll do it!! I remember when LIsa would read me Harry POtter after we were sent to bed. Those were definitly me first couple memories of it! Lol and Mom use to get about having those in the house. Remember? Actually NO she still doens't like them at all. (:

Julie said...

Sylvi: someday mom will appreciate the amazing-ness that IS our beloved Harry Potter! Until then, you can always come to my house to watch them ( : But seriously, I'm crying inside that you haven't seen HP part 1 yet.

Its tragic. Really.

You MUST put it on your to-watch list pronto!