Monday, July 11, 2011


You are a writer.

When you write, write for yourself. Never, ever write to please anyone else. When you write to please other people, you lose yourself as a writer and when that happens the joy, you once had in writing, will disappear.

Yes, people will tell you what they don’t like. However, unless it’s grammar and spelling they are only giving their opinion and that opinion is recyclable. You can adhere to what they suggest or you can cherry pick the important parts that will help you grow as a writer.

When you post your writings on a forum for anonymous comments and you don’t receive a comment do not feel unappreciated or discouraged. Never stop writing because the audience isn’t giving you pats on the back. Someone is always reading but isn’t always speaking up. Write and write and share and share but don’t hold back in fear of someone not liking it. You write what makes you feel good and you share because it’s part of you. Not because you’ll please someone else. The other people are not you. Your thoughts filter through your experiences and exit out your fingers to a screen or a sheet of paper. With all their suggestions and critiques, they are unable to write what you can.

Who is the writer?

You are.

Who decides what you write?

You do.

Who do you write for?


If you are not pleased with your writing then you are not pleased and therefore should fix it to your liking. Do not fix it to someone else’s liking, then read it, and feel awkward because the changes didn’t suit you.

This is not selfish as much as it is self-preserving. You start doing what others say you’ll lose what makes you a unique writer and that is more of a loss than the gain you’ll get from hollow praise for works that are not from your heart.

Make sure the works are from your heart. You should be proud of what you do and not just meh-ok. You put yourself out there and when you put yourself out there, you should be an Olympian and do so with whole spirit of your writing self. Don’t hold back. Don’t only give what you think the subject deserves. Give it everything.

Writers are what the world needs and there’s never going to be an over saturation because everyone has their own set of eyes, ears and minds. You can look at the same thing and see something different, and therefore write something that another writer just didn’t think about because they have not lived your life. Perception is paramount.

Beauty is the writer that writes words that form in his head and are forged in his heart. He writes them with such passion that those that read feel as if they are privileged to have read such.

You wield the pen that’s mightier than the sword, use it wisely and use it often. Believe that someone’s mind is forever changed because they read your words from your unique vantage point. You are the creator of worlds that have yet to be and characters that have not yet been born.

You. Are. A. Writer.  

Write. Write. Write.

Write the wrongs.

Write the feelings.

Write the world.

Write your heart.

Write your pain.

Write your love.

Write your peace.

The most essential thing to remember is to write. You are you and no one else can give what you yourself have to offer.

You are a writer.
--Jay Jay Takahata


Barbara Kloss said...

Tis absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. With all the enemies surrounding Rejection, we must remind ourselves of this.

Christa said...

Perfect. Just what I needed today. And what a lovely picture.

Julie said...

Barb: so true. We write for ourselves... because we love it. Because it is a part of us. We want to share, but ultimately, I am the most important audience to me.

Rejection makes ME forget sometimes too ( :

Christa: Always happy to share. Good luck with your words!

Sylvi said...

Julie all I have to say is... inspiring!

Julie said...

Sissy: glad you approve! Love you, girl ( ;

Jeff King said...

Awesome... I agree.

Thx for the boost

Julie said...

Jeff: You're welcome! Good luck with the rewrites ( :

Karen and Matt said...

Amen! This is great!

ali said...

This is unbelievably fantastic. Such wise words. Thank you Julie!!

And don't forget your flash fiction today--I want to read it!

Debbie Davis said...

Julie, I'm pretty sure this post was written just for me. It is so true that you can become lost in the world of critiuqes and comments. Its easy to be stifled and uncertain if you listen to those voices. i really needed this post of yours and I am so glad I got to read it! thank you! a million tmes thank you!

Julie said...

Karen: Thanks girly!!

Ali: Done. Blogfest post? Check.

Debbie: Wow. So glad I could help. I found myself feeling very down last week too and figured I couldn't possibly be the only one drowning in self doubt. So I figured I'd post some encouragment. I'm so happy to be able to give everyone a little boost. I love that we can all help each other and build each other up. Writing friends make the best kind of friends ( :

Good luck with your writing!