Friday, November 2, 2012


Blah blippity bloooo po moo-mooo....

Yeah. I don't know who decided these acronyms were a good idea, but I have strong suspicions they may have been on acid at the time. Just sayin'. 

So I'm assuming many of you writing lovelies have decided to participate in the mad rush of typing n' brain frying that IS the month of November. Also fondly known as NaNoWriMo. 

I... in keeping in line with my strict diet of "Staying Sane"... have decided to (once again) pass on this month of insanity. I considered it briefly. I really did. But I just got done training for AND RUNNING a half marathon.... [see documented proof]:

... which means I've just recently shed the dreary, saturating task of devoting long, unhealthy hours to an activity that really deserves to be implemented in one's life with more balance!

Not that writing is long. Or dreary. Per say. Nothing like my loathe of running, for certain. 

But like training for a half marathon of maddness, NaNoWriMo DOES take up a fair amount of one's time. And when one takes a step back and tries to balance writing a 50,000 word novel in one month WITH menial tasks such as bread winning n' such, well, that task becomes a bit daunting. 

Hence, I pass once again on the epic NaNoWriMo journey. 

HOWEVER, despite my passing, I must admit that I still enjoy a good frolic in the festivities. So, as a way of NOT participating in NaNoWriMo, while still PRETENDING that I am, I thought it might be fun to do NaBloPoMo

(Um. Yeah... am I the only one who feels like a small child with a mouth full of mashed potatoes when trythig to say that??)

Apparently in English, this stands for National Blog Post Month. Who knew?

As you can probably guess, this NaBlooooo bitty boppity boo boo schtuff is designed to promote the writing of a blog post every day of November. 

Easier than 1500 words? Methinks yes!! 

This is my NaNoWriMo cop out way of still participating in the madness without actually going mad hatter cray cray! If you'd like to try 'er out, the info is HERE. Also, you can find blog post prompts HERE (you know, if your'e like me and sometimes draw a blank as to what to write).

So good luck with the Nanos my lovely writing dears, be they WriMos or BloPos or something in between! May the force be with you, and all that jazz. I look forward to the end of this epic-ness, when we can gather in our introvert internet world and swap our writing war stories once more!


Mandi said...

You're silly! NaBloPoMo... LOL!

My blog has gone untouched for the past two weeks as I was cracking down on my prep for NaNo and it'll probably go untouched for another four weeks until I get smacked in the face with a dry, "where the heck am I going with this?" moment, or if I begin a love/hate relationship with my story.


I live for the adrenaline that is NaNo. It's seeing progress as well as the support of other writers in your area who are trying to succeed at the same goal as you are.

But writing is writing. And we need to write something everyday, even if it's a hand written note to someone to stay on top of things. ;P And "NaBloPoMo" is pretty much about the same thing: Setting goals and trying to achieve them.

But, because I feel like bragging a teeny tiny bit, I just want to say that it looks like I'm going to break my 10k word count tonight (originally set for Sunday) which means I'll probably be setting a goal of 17K for Sunday night. ;) I've been sitting on this story for two months and I've been eager to tell it which is probably my reasoning for momentum at the moment.

I best be going. I feel a kissing scene coming and I LOVE to write those! (Especially with really smokin' guys! :D *wiggles eyebrow*)

D.V. Sheppard said...

Oh goody :) I like your posts. The more the more wonderful. That and hopefully I'll be able to count on a daily distraction from the writing I'm supposed to be doing.

I'm unofficially doing NaNoWriMo - which for me means: I'm going to try to finish my novel this month - since I project there to be about 50,000 words left. I figured if nothing else, I'll likely write significantly more than I would if i wasn't trying to participate with the NaNo.

The best part - my husband decided out of the blue to participate in NaNo - officially. He had a dream a few months back of a complete book plot (lucky boy). That has made it a lot more fun of a prospect :)

Julie said...

Mands: You're basically a super star.... WOOT WOOT!!! That's so awesome you already have that many words!! I guess Nanowhatsits can be great in that way, because it kind of gives you an "excuse" to do something you've been itching to do for a long time. Sometimes we just need that little extra shove to get us going. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!! Keep it up, woman!!

P.s. When am I going to be able to beta some of your stuff? Hmmmmm?

DV: Yay! You like my posts! Haha! That's happy ( : And that's so awesome that you AND your hubs are doing Nano. Seriously, I think it would make Nano just a tinsy bit easier, knowing you were tag teaming it together! My hubs doesn't write AT ALL!! So writing has to be done on my own time if I want to spend time with him ( :

GOOD LUCK!! Sending good vibes your way!

Shell Flower said...

NaBloPoMo is great. I made some of my best bloggy friends doing that challenge a few years ago. I'm doing Nano, but kind of in my own way writing short stories and trying to finish the last 15000 words or so of my last years nano novel.
Congrats on your marathon and have fun with NaBlo-bipitty-po mo!

Mandi said...

REALLY? You want to read MY stuff?! *points to chest* WOW!

Is freakin' crazy you ask me, cause I've been wanting to read yours since I met you! But I kept saying, "Nah, she won't let me. I bet she's probably got loads of beta readers..." Then I wouldn't ask.

As I'm working on this new WIP, I'm finding that this new idea has kept my attention longer than anything else I've written. The more I write it, the more I love it, the more I love it, the more I pour into it.

Today I figured out that I'm going to be forced to go back to the beginning an add more to the back story. It seems like what I'm writing at the moment should be a book two. But as soon as I'm done with it, I'll be more than happy to let you read it! ABSOLUTELY!