Saturday, November 3, 2012

Information Super Highway

I've been thinking a bit about writing today. I mean, naturally, right? Its November. So writing is in the air!! 

In particular, I began reminiscing about the time-honored tradition of note passing. 

Its importance--I believe--cannot be overstated. I mean, really. Can you think of ANYTHING else that contains a comparable wealth of information found in a teenager's brain than a surreptitious note passed in class? 

I think not. 

Me and my friends were Jedi ninja note passers. For real. We had color coded ink (GEL PENS!!) Special notebook paper. Secret codes (ahem, Pig Latin). And could time an airplane note's journey across the room down to the millisecond and not get caught. We even had cool folding methods. Remember THESE?!...

Lucky for us, other class go-ers were simply entertained by the amount of notes we could pass without getting caught, and never bothered interfering with said airplane's trajectory. 

Which is good. Cause our notes were a gold mine of info...

...Juicy gossip details. The who-likes-who of the high school jungle. What I ate for lunch. What I didn't eat for lunch. Science project assignments. Gym locker combos. Band rehearsal schedules. What so-n-so's outfit looked like. Who's tongue was down who's throat. Pictures of zombies n' pirates. Stick figure cows (don't ask)...

I mean, my high school sweet heart even dumped me in a note... (A NOTE!!)... so, yeah. 

You get the picture. 

In 9th grade, we got really lucky. Our teacher had (foolishly) lined desks up against a chalk board. Her second foolish move was to place me and my friends in a row along said chalk board. 

Shinny smooth metal surface? A bunch of friends lined up in a row?


That proved to be the most note-passing efficient method we ever "invented." Simply write note. Fold. And push note down chalk board tray like a match box car on a race track! 


This new teen texting generation is really missing out, aren't they? Never again will they experience the heart-pounding-sweaty-palm-jolt-of-fear moment when their paper air plane note lands safely on the right desk the split second before the teacher turns back. 

Its tragic, really. What will become of these poor teen souls? 


Mandi said...

HaHa! I used to fold my notes into the shape of a house (or it could also be called an Arrow too, but whatever. LOL)

Thinking back now, how stupid was it to write these letters? I mean, if someone you were friends with turned around and became a "Backstabbing Betty", the letters in class would always be used for the forces of evil.

It's bad enough that the younger generation can use a simple "conversation" and people can turn it against you. With a note as evidence you don't stand a blizzard chance in hell of saying, "I didn't say that!" cause it'll be in writing! LOL Buuuut we did it anyway!

I did like the suspense of getting caught. *Insert Mission Impossible Theme HERE*

Of course you learned quickly to never sign your name. It was too much of a liability in case your note landed on the teacher's desk and was about the teacher who caught it. Whether it was good (talking about how cute he was) or bad (talking about what a jerk they were). LOL

P.S If I were in your grade/H.S I'd beat that boy up for a) breaking up with you and b) not being man enough to say it quits to your face. I mean, if you want to break up, fine, but at least be man enough to pull me aside and tell me like a gentleman! Sheesh!

Jess said...

Oh my gosh, this is great! I TOTALLY remember the giddy/nervous feeling of passing notes and keeping notes that seemed special even if they were a powderkeg of information that, if found, was A)bound to embarrass me with a boy I liked or B) bound to embarrass me if I read it today, as in, why was I writing a note about "MUST GET CHEETOS FOR LUNCH!!!" Was the knowledge of said cheetos so crucial that I needed to risk getting a note-passing lecture from the teacher?

In short, I agree. Texters are missing out :)

Julie said...

Mands: HAHAHAHAHA!! I know!! What. Were. We. THINKING?!?!? At any point in time those notes could have turned into lethal weapons of popularity destruction for the backstabbing friend... wow. Real glad no one thought of that!

P.s. Oh, and TOTES on the breakup... whats up with that?! MAN UP and SAY IT TO MY FACE!!!

Jess: Muahahahaha! FOR REAL!! The things we wrote about.... its not like they were universe shattering. And yet, day after day we risked life and limb to pass these ridiculous notes! Hahahaha! I like to look back on it now and say I did it to entertain my future self... ( :

Julie said...
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Anonymous said...

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