Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Vote for Constitutionalists!

Usually, I try to distance myself from party politics on my blog. Not because I don't have strong feelings and opinions about things...

[pshaw... YEAH RIGHT! ME... not have an opinion?! Ha!]

... but because my YA political thriller was purposefully constructed in a way to avoid that kind of drama! I wanted to focus on issues that we could universally agree on. Regardless of party affiliation.

(Or, at least MOSTLY agree on... since I suppose technically, it would be an impossible literary feat to write something EVERYONE agreed on...)

Still, despite its conservative angle, this was just too inspiring NOT to share...

I realize that many of my lovely friends--writing and otherwise--don't agree with me politically. And that's fine. I'm okay with that. Because I FIRMLY believe in EVERYONE exercising their right to vote, REGARDLESS of party affiliations. 

Truly, I believe that with all my heart.  

However, this reminded me of my story. Of my characters. Of their convictions. Of what they fight for. The importance of the sanctity of our Constitution and the rights it protects. It gave me goosebumps, and reassurances that--YES, JULIE--teens ARE interested in politics! Your book DOES have an audience! There is power in the youth of our nation. And I hope I've been able to channel some of that youthful power in the words I've written in my book. 


Mandi said...

Didn't George Washington believe there shouldn't be party lines? That people should strictly fight for the constitution rather than party beliefs? I could have sworn I read that somewhere. Besides, it sounds like a better idea to me because right now we've got morons claiming it's a flawed document. *Ugh!*

It's just that time of year. You might as well sing and dance around your house after every debate to Fleetwood Mac's, "Tell Me Lies". At least you'd be having fun and it's not like Washington can tax you for dancing around in your PJs.

Shoot...! Lets not give them any ideas! *delete, delete, delete*

For your listening pleasure--->

Samantha May said...

I like politics too, but I most definitely get annoyed that people are so quick to judge others for their opinion. I cannot wait until November 7th, so everyone will just shut up :D

Political novels, on the other hand, very much so interest me. Can't wait to read this one!!

Julie said...

Mandi: That sounds familiar, but I don't know the exact quote. At any rate, I think good ol' Washington was onto something when (and if, I suppose) he said that!

*checking out listening recommendation now*....

Samantha: Oh I SOOOOOO agree! I'm tired of all the vicious name calling and hateful commentaries going around on social media. I'm all for EDUCATED discussion of opinions... but sometimes (okay, A LOT of time!) it just gets out of hand. I'm secretly counting down the days too... can't wait til its just over.

P.s. Eeek! Yay! I hope one day you DO get to read it!

Samantha May said...

Sorry to double comment, but I've tagged you in a post today. Just showing some love :)

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