Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Confessions of a Vampire Addict

Sooooo.... I have to own up to a girly obsession today.... its confession time, if you will. I will gladly accept all jeers, jests and gestures of mockery, as I know they are most likely warranted. However, I simply HAVE to say... I've been a little addicted to this recently:

Said addiction started out innocently enough. When it first commenced, I was in law school, and my sister and I used to watch it after class, on account of there were some very awesome drool-worthy hotties in it. The story line started out "Meh... okay"... just your shallow, everyday high school vampire romance. And eventually, we lost interest. 

Or rather, finals dominated us, and we had to put aside the distractions.

But I picked it up again recently on Netflicks (woot, woot!) and... ahem... I have to say, I've become shamefully addicted!

In addition to the I-want-to-take-you-home-with-me-and-eat-you-for-breakfast-kind-of-hot Salvatore brothers, the story line got deliciously twisted and complicated... its hard to keep track of who's good and who's bad... but who cares?! It rocks. 

I haven't read the books. I'll just throw that out there right now. I tried. I really did. But I only got about half way through Book 1 before I would rather have clawed my eyes out than read any more of Elena's self centered diary ramblings. Seriously. She could have put miss prim-and-proper Caroline Forbes to shame! So I have to say that this Vamp Diary addiction only extends so far as the T.V. show. The books? I'm sorry, were dismal. 

But speaking of Hall of Fame drool worthy hotties, and vampires, and awesome YA high school romances that like to dominate my life... I have to say, Mr. Cullen, you have definitely taken a back seat to these boys in my book...

I mean... cause really? Is there ACTUALLY a debate to be had here??

HA! And all you thought the Vampire hype was over ( : 


prerna pickett said...

lol! Agreed on the hottness factor compared to RPatz. I don't think you're alone in this addiction

Julie said...

Prerna: Hahahaha! Oh good! Glad I'm not the only one that can't get me enough Salvatore ( : Seriously... Netflicks only has season 1 and 2... don't know what I'm going to do if I can't get my hands on season 3!! Ah! I'm such a Vamp-addict... but I can't help it!!

Maybe I need rehab?

S. L. Hennessy said...

I STILL haven't seen this show, and I keep meaning to. I saw a random episode once and it looked pretty interesting.

I'm with you on the books though. Ick. Elena annoyed the crap out of me. But the show has potential!

P.S. I'll remind you about Insecure Writer's Support Group next month ;)

Julie said...

Boredum finally drew me back to it. The first half of Season 1 is good, but not addicting. But after about the half way point, I couldn't stop... I HAD to see what happened next!!

Perhaps not as addicting as Lost or 24 or Prison Break (for me)... but still, VERY good!

And yeah. Elena. Pfft! 'Nough said.


Mandi said...



And if you thought Season 1 was good? Girl! Season 2 is explosive! And Season 3? *Sigh* just wait until you meet Klaus! LOL


P.S The books did suck major lemons for me.

<3 Mandi

Julie said...

AHHHHHH! TEAM DAMON, TEAM DAMON, TEAM DAMON!!! I mean... seriously? HELLO blue eyes!!


He's gorgeous. And... um... yes... just finished Season 2 (addicted much? YES!) IT WAS SOOOOOOO GOOD! Oh, season 3, HURRY UP and get to Netflix!!!!

And, holy crap... agreed with the Klaus thing. He is a wicked bad bad guy... but... um... kinda cute too!

Damon... Klaus... I think me and you might have a thing for the bad boys, Mandi ( :

Jo Schaffer said...

I'm a Buffy fan. Beware--the campy Buffiness will grab you when you least expect it. Watched Vamp Diaries on Netflix too--it's cute. I like Damon.
Not a Cullen Clan fan. They aren't vampires. And Bella? Ugh.

Heather said...

I love this show and am totally addicted too. I have to agree with you on the books, I just couldn't get through them. The writing style wasn't for me.

Julie said...

Jo: BUFFY!! Haven't gotten into that one... But I have a sneaking suspicion I'd be a fan ( : Also, agreed with the Bella thing. And the bit about the Cullens not being vamps. They're just too abnormal! I love the "bad boy" side of the vampire!! And the Cullens just do NOT have it. (Although Emmett does make some nice eye candy, I'll give him that!)

Heather: Agreed. The writing was el stinko. Apparently I'm not alone on this... lots of people haven't commented they didn't like the books! I wonder how the books ever made it to a tv series? They must have had a very dedicated fan following!