Monday, April 30, 2012

Writing for a Cause

Heather McCorkle is a talented writer and blogging buddy of mine, who's novel, The Secret of Spruce Knoll, has more than just a compelling story line! Each book sold sends a percentage of the proceeds to a charity to help endangered species. Read below to find out more about Heather, Spruce Knoll and her oh-so-worthy crusade to help save our planet... 

1) So Heather, I recently finished your book, Spruce Knoll (woot, woot!!) and I couldn't help but notice that in-between the totally-kick-butt cultural diversity, hot YA boys and awesome magic powers, that "going green" was a BIG part of your book. Considering your efforts to help endangered spices, were these environmental concerns what inspired the story in the first place?

Heather: They were! This story was born when I was watching a special on the shrinking habitat for polar bears. There was a commercial with a teen girl talking about saving endangered species and Eren’s character sprung up from that.

2) Tell us more about the charity you're helping to support and how Spruce Knoll is helping with the cause!

Heather: Due to legal reasons I can’t say who it is but I can tell you that they are one of the top charities in the world that specializing in protecting endangered species. They’ve made great strides in preserving habitat, stopping poachers, and even helping to bring species back from the brink.

3) I was shocked by your statistics about the rate of decline for animals that I've grown up my whole life learning about. This is very sad. If our readers would like more information on the statistics and ways we can help, where can they go?

Heather: It is terribly sad. Tigers will be extinct in the wild in less than ten years. There are wonderful sites all over the internet but two of my favorites are the World Wildlife Fund and the National Wildlife Federation.

4) And lastly, we all want to know... what's next on the horizon for Spruce Knoll? A sequel, perhaps?! *squee*

Heather: There is! Actually book two, Channeler’s Choice, just came out in paperback! The third book in the trilogy will be out this fall.

Heather is the author of The Secret Of Spruce KnollBorn Of FireChanneler's Choice, and coming in May of 2012, the historical YA fantasy, To Ride A Puca. A short story of Heather's is also available in the free In His Eyes eBook anthology. 

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Heather said...

Thank you so much for the feature Julie! It's touching to know that others support the cause as well. :)

S. L. Hennessy said...

That's so sad about tigers. They're some of my favorite animals.

I think it's amazing that books (and authors) are making a difference. Awesome Heather!

Julie said...

Heather: Your'e welcome!! Its definitely a worthy cause!

Lauren: I agree... so sad. And yet so wonderful that authors are using their influence to be a force of good in the world!