Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My, what big eyes you have!

All the better to READ you with, my deliciously good new read recommend! I bet you wanna know what it is, donchya? Du, du, du, du, du, du... [that's my drum roll, don't judge]... 

Sisters Red, by Jackson Pearce:

So besides the ridiculously cool title, which--lets be honest--is ridiculously cool (I'm such a sucker for a good title!) this book was soooooo good! Its kind of a modern day Little-Red-Ridding-Hood-and-big-bad-wolf-meets-twilight-meets-girls-with-awesome-ninja-knife-throwing-skillzzzzz book. (Did you catch all that?) For the life of me, I can't figure out why I've never heard of it til now, because--did I mention?--IT WAS SO GOOD!

And, here's the thing. Most attempts at modernizing traditional fairy tales fall along the "Meh... it was OKAY..." lines for me. Like Red Ridding Hood, for example...

I mean, really. 

LOVED the cloak, Amanda, but that movie was a FLOP. As are most of the modernized fairy tales. (Someone please correct me if there's one out there that ROCKS that I haven't seen/read!)

But unlike most of its contemporary counterparts, I actually REALLY liked this modernization of Little Red and her ridding cloak. It had enough of the traditional story--such as the "All the better to see you with" line at the beginning, and a swoon-worthy huntsman--that I could tell where the inspiration came from. BUT, at the same time, there were NEW elements that were just totally kick-you-in-the-pants awesome! 

Like a sister with an eye patch. 

And ninja knife throwing skillzzzz. 

And totally CREEP-tastic wolveS (plural).

To name a few. 

Forget the damsel-in-distress fairy tell princess version of Red... these sisters will KICK YOUR BOOTY. Literally. For those of you of the red hood, wolf, and ninja-knife-throwing-skillzzzz persuasion, I highly suggest you read this book. 

Come on, you know you need a break from your A-Z blogfest. 

And really? Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf, anyway?


Mandi said...

LOL! You crack me up!

I only watched Red Riding Hood because it had cute boys in it. At least my money paid for eye candy but you're right, the movie bombed and Catherine Hardwick successfully made me wince. Again. Just like she did with the first Twilight film. The entire movie looked like it was shot with a blue film across the lens. I don't remember reading about a Scowling, Vampire Smurf named Edward. Do you?

"Fractured fairy tales" seem to be the "it" thing these days. So I, out of curiosity mostly, read Cinder by Marissa Meyer. It was about a cyborg Cinderella. It was... weird and unless you're into Star Wars or Droids, I don't recommend it. I'm finding the more of these fracture fairy tales make me wince because I'm sure Cinderella lost a shoe, NOT a "Leg" and having a prince say, "Here's your leg, Sweetheart." doesn't ring the romance bell for me. Not sure why...

I remember liking Alex Flinn's Beastly, a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The movie wasn't a great, but it was palatable.

Currently, I proceed with caution with those types of books until someone else convinces me other wise. But I'll look for Sisters Red the next time I'm at the Library. ;)


S. L. Hennessy said...

This one has been on my list for a while. Guess I need to move it up a bit :) I do love anything fairy tale related. But you're totally right. Red Riding Hood - epic fail. Cannot WAIT for Snow White and the Huntsman though!!!!

And if you've never seen it, I'd recommend The Tenth Kingdom. It was a tv mini-series a few years ago. So good!

Julie said...

Mandi: Can't deny the EYE CANDY in Red Ridding Hood was spectacular!!... [swoon]... too bad the movie couldn't have been one of those silent films. Haha!

Actually, I agree with you... I think it was less the actors and more to do with the CRAP-tastic director. I haven't seen a ton of CH's movies, but from what I have? They leave much wanting.

Note to self: don't read Cinder ( : Haha

And I kinda thought Beastly was one of those MEH... films myself. Although--once again--I gotta hand it to these casting directors... EYE CANDY!!

Lauren: I KNOW, RIGHT?!??!!! HOT PRIEST!! Haha ( : I will admit, I have fears for that movie... what with K-Stew being involved and whatnot. BUT, considering the C's (Chris and Charlize) involved, I'm HOPING for a quality movie! Squeeeeee!

Okay... and, um, totally weird coincidence that Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron are the names of Chris and Charlize in my story.

P.s. Going to rent the Tenth Kingdom! By the way, has Once Upon a Time gotten any better??

Mandi said...

As the Twilight movies have improved the quality K-stew has gotten a lot better. Her vacant expression has been waning a bit. Not completely, but who cares about her vacant expression when you can look at Chris Helmsworth who's blue eyes and smolder makes me tingle with excitement?! It makes you want to go, "Why, hello there Mr. Smexy!"

I REMEMBER THE TENTH KINGDOM!!! It's been years since I was able to watch it!! I think it was still on VHS when I last saw it!!! I hope I can find it somewhere!!! :P

Emily Gibbons said...

I'm actually really enjoying Once Upon A Time. I know I totally should have seen it coming, but I was slightly blown away by their version of Little Red Riding Hood.

Heather said...

I actually meant to read this book and completely forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me!

Julie said...

Mandi: K-Stew's model pout is a force to be reckoned with... but I would kind of appreciate a broader range of expression from an "A list" actress. Just sayin'. Agreed, though... not like I'm watching the movie for her... HELLO, MR. GORGEOUS!! *swoon* Chris Helmsworth!

Em: Ugh. I was SOOOOO excited for that show to come out. I forced myself through 5 episodes, hoping that it would get better, BUT IT NEVER DID!!! A) I kind of wanted to smack that kid... he was REALLY annoying... totally rubbed me the wrong way. And B) I thought overall it was pretty cheesy.

ALTHOUGH... I've been told by a reliable source (AHEM, LAUREN!!) that it gets a LOT better right about the time I STOPPED watching! Haha! So maybe I'll have to try it again (especially considering you like it so much too!)

Heather: You're welcome! Its a goodie!!

Mandi said...

Okay, have I ever told you how AWESOME my public library is? I found the audiobook for Sister's Red and I do believe you that Silas is beefcake.

Julie said...

Mandi: AWESOME! I love it when you just walk into the library and the book IS JUST SITTING ON THE SHELF!!! Its like the heavens open and the Hallelujah chorus sounds!!

P.s. Yes. Silas is mucho beefcake... *swoon*....

Julie said...
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S. L. Hennessy said...

I think it got better, and then worse. I dunno, I want to like it, but I just don't know where they're going to go with it. I decided I'd finish out the season and decide from there. I'll keep ya updated :)

Mandi said...

I can see where ya going with that. Rosie and Silas were what got me through. LOL

Julie said...

Lauren: Let me know how it finishes! Maybe I'll just wait for it to come out on DVD, that way I can "fast forward" if it gets super lame! Haha ( :

Mandi: Silly girl! I think she's talking about Once Upon a Time (the TV series)... by the way, have you seen it? Do you like it? I started it then couldn't finish because the kid on there bugged me so bad. Plus it was kinda cheesy... [sigh].... WHY can there be no good fairy tale renditions these days?!

Mandi said...

OH! HaHa! Oops!

Yeah, I watched it. It just was getting dull. The kid was the only thing pushing the story along, but yeah, he gets on your nerves until you secretly hope he comes with a return policy so his parents can deal with him. :/

Its like I said, Fairy tales are the new Vampire. It sorta stinks when that happens and you find that it's a quantity over quality situation. :?

Julie said...


Return policy... heehee.... you kill me, Mandi!!