Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Famous Feet

This little piggy went to the market... this little piggy stayed home... and all MY little piggies are goin' "Weee, weeee, weeee," all the way to the cover of a book, soon to be published by World Castle Publishing! Woot, woot!! YEAH!

You think I'm joking... I can see it your eyes. 

Its okay, it'll be better to show you anyway...

PRESENTING... Saving Gracie, by Terry Lee:

Remember the part when I told you I was going to have famous feet? Yeah... those are MY feet!! Hahahaha! Don't worry young grasshopper, I shall explain... 

I met Terry about a year ago at my first meeting with the Houston Writer's Guild! We hit it off right away, and ESPECIALLY had some rock-awesome-totally-kick-butt times at the writer's conference we all attended together. Later, when we got sick and tired of the drama in the HWG, Terry Lee, Lauren Hennessy (S.L. Hennessy), Jay Jay Takahata, Kristi Pritchett and I started our own group...

...Writer's 2.0!

Holla, peeps!! Love you guys!

Remember these mugs... these awesome writers are gonna be famous someday!!

Anyway, since I'm a photo junky, I offered to make Terry a cover for her book. Ya know... something she could show off whilst in the midst of editing throes. Since her ideas for said cover revolved around beaches and footprints, I snapped a few pics while I was in the Bahamas recently. This was the product I came up with:

When Terry got picked up by World Castle Publishing last month, I was ECSTATIC!! My Mamma Terry is gettin' published! WOOOOOO!!!! I think I jumped around the house with excitement for a full 24 hours! Haha! And then she dropped the bomb on me... "Oh yeah, Jules, I totally submitted YOUR cover to the publishers." 

Gasp!  *drops dead from excitement*

Long story short... they LIKED the cover and after changing the font up a bit, are using it to represent my dear Terry's story for the world to see! Which means, of course, my feet will be famous. 

Eeeeeek!!!! SO. CRAZY. AWESOME!!!

About Terry. And the cover. Not about my famous feet ( : Haha. 

Terry is without a doubt, one of the sweetest, most talented, loving people I've ever met in my life! Her stories are beautifully written, full of quick wit, and jam packed with characters you just wanna pick up, put in your pocket and take home with you! I consider it a GREAT privilege to know Terry, and to have been able to help edit and support this wonderful writer. She's an absolute gem!!! Definitely keep your eye on the horizon for her debut book, Saving Gracie. Terry is one talented woman you won't want to miss out on!



S. L. Hennessy said...

She really is. Mama Terry is the best adopt-o-mama in the history of time. And could not deserve this deal more. And I would say the same thing about your feet :)They're both STARS!

Julie said...

Lauren: Shucks. If feet could blush? Mine would be blushing... just sayin' ( : Haha!

And I know, RIGHT?! Who could ask for a better adopt-o-mom then Terry?! She really IS the best!!

Terry Lee-Rosing said...

The stars must have been in alignment when you, Lauren and I met. How comforting to have the cushion of love and support during the agent interviews at our first conference last May. Whew, without that...well, I'll just say it could have been a far different experience (for me). Love, love, LOVE the experience when people walk into my life and I immediately know/feel the deep connection of a friendship/relationship that feels anything but, I've been expecting us to meet.
I'm thrilled beyond words to have your book design (including your cute feet:) as the cover for Saving Gracie and so proud to be your adopt-o-mom. You and Lauren make the job E-A-S-Y!

And one final *yea!* to the five of us (you, Lauren, Kristi, Jay Jay and myself) who said "enough" and established a valuable critique group based on actual "critique" and support vs criticism. Yea for us:)

Note to Lauren: do not read this...
Although you and Rob are now in California, I still have you here (hand patting my heart:)

Heather said...

That's so awesome! And what a great cover. I'll be picking this one up!

Mandi said...



Congrats for the pick up to your friend Terry! That's HUGE!


Julie said...

Terry: Sure love you Mamma! Wish the stars could align and send me BACK now! Haha ( : Just ask Lauren... I'm totally depressed without all of you!

Heather: Yes, she IS awesome! Definitely check it out! You won't be sorry ( : I'll post more info when the book has a release date.

Mandi: Hahaha! You make me laugh, woman!!

*shutting front door*