Thursday, April 7, 2011

Where do you keep the dying people?

In answer to my deeply thought provoking question:

"What does it feel like to get stabbed?" responded:

"It hurts."

Well done, Wiki answers! If I could have used such simplicity to write a fight scene in my book, I would have done so! Which is really to say: you're no help at all. You dummy. I guess if you want something done you have to do it yourself. Anyone got a knife?

Just kidding. I'm a total wimp around blood.

But I'm kind of in a pickle. The worst injury I've ever had was a sprained ankle. Or stitches on my finger. I'm not really sure which qualifies as worse. Not that it matters, because the point is a that neither counts as a stab or a shot.

Which turns me to you, readers. Those of you who have suffered from such injuries would do me a great favor by coming forward. It'd be lovely to hear from you!

No really, I insist.

[Obviously, those who didn't survive said wounds are exempt from answering this question.]

This whole dilemma actually reminds of that movie, Stranger than Fiction. The movie centers around an author who is desperately seeking out the most poetic death for her main character. One day her research takes her to a hospital to "see the dying people." However, much to her dismay, no one was dying. Frustrated, she asks a hospital attendant:

"Where do you keep the dying people?"

[Strange look from hospital attendant]

"These people are injured, but they're going to make it... that's wonderful and all, but I need to see the people that don't have a chance, that are dying for sure."

"Um, are you suffering from something?"

"Just writer's block."

Hardy, har, har, har. Love it.


Ashley said...

Love that movie and that part. And I haven't ever been stabbed, but I almost cut my finger off with an x-acto knife. That was pretty painful.

Julie said...

Me too! So funny ( : And I had no idea you had such a close encounter with an x-acto knife... this must have been after our imfamous year in S Hall! What did it feel like? What kind of pain? Burning? Sharp? Pulsating? What words would you use to describe it?