Thursday, April 14, 2011

So here's a secret...

It's true. I DO heart adverbs.

Actually, its a new found love. I didn't even know what an adverb was until these week at my writing pow-wow.

The thing is, I never did masquerade as a grammar expert. English? Yeah, okay, I liked it... when it involved reading good books or writing fun papers. But the technicalities of grammar? Not my forte. And no--just cause I know some smart Alec out there is thinking it--you DON'T need to know the technicalities to write a good paper. Most of us know what "proper" grammar is, even if we aren't sure how to identify or label said technicalities.

Any-who... since I didn't know what an adverb was, when Houston's writing guru told us this week to eliminate them from our manuscripts, I didn't know what kind of a brutal thing he was asking me to do. Needless to say, when I found out that suddenly, wonderfully, deliciously, scandalously, incandescently and all my lovely "ly" words constituted as the dreaded adverb, I was devastated.

But apparently, professional writers don't use those naughty words.

Which is funny, because when writing guru told us to cut them, he used the phrase: "BRUTALLY cut them from the page!"

Wait a second...

Brutally ? That's an adverb! Sneaky guy.

In light of the adverb controversy, this is all I have to say:

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