Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fingers Crossed

I found a fantastic literary agent today, Vickie Motter. Her blog: http://navigatingtheslushpile.blogspot.com/ was fantastic! She was witty, engaging and full of insightful tips for writers! It was interesting to discover her, because I've never come across an agent who was as devoted to staying in touch with writers the way she was. Most agents don't have the time (understandably) to keep up a blog like that. But she not only had one, but I could tell it was something she diligently maintained. I probably spent too much time reading her posts, but I couldn't help it! I found her "voice" (so to speak) familiar... she seemed to be someone that I would likely get along with, if we ever had the chance of meeting.

Anyway, after leaving a few comments of my own on her blog (which I NEVER do... busy people like that don't have time to read them anyway, right?!), I dusted off my query letter, made a few changes, crossed my fingers and sent her my request. I have this crazy, weird hope that she'll actually ask for more material, which I'm trying to tell myself not to do because honestly... with so many queries coming in my chances are slim to none. But I hope, hope, HOPE she'll read it and like it anyway. Its important to me to work with someone I can get along with. And--okay, you're right--I've never met her, so don't really know if we'd get along. HOWEVER, she's still the first agent to pop up that I have felt an instant connection to... well, the most connection you can have over the Internet, I suppose ( :

In other news, revising is going well. It was tough to get back into the book, as I knew it would be, but I'm finding myself settling into the comfortable groove of writing again. And--surprise, surprise--I love it! Its funny, because I think I've just recently discovered HOW MUCH I really love writing. Its so fun to influence human emotion through the written word. I love making people laugh... love to make them hang on my every word... love to hear the reaction when a hard-written cliff hanger has the desired suspense. I love it! I always knew I enjoyed writing, but coming off of a 4 month fast when I had to devote my time entirely to the study of law, its like an epiphany... I'm renewing and re-realizing (is that even a word?!) the love all over again. With that said, I sincerely hope I can get a fantastic agent SOOOOON (I'm SO impatient!) and get this project rolling in the right direction!

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