Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Francisco Writers Conference: Wisdom Noted

Wow. Its Thursday. And I STILL have not posted a SFWC update... I may or may not be a bit of a slacker. I blame the fact that my brain was fried and needed time to recoup. 


Talk about awesome-writer-advice-brain-overload... $@#*!! 

But now that I've been fed, watered and properly rested, I feel its time to make another virtual appearance. Here are a few things I learned this weekend at the writer's conference of awesome:

R.L. Stien? For being the writer of a notoriously goosebump-y scary series, he was surprisingly, well, UN scary! In fact, he originally wanted to write comedy. Who knew?

Mount Doom is in San Francisco... don't believe me? Try hiking up this every morning:

Forgive me if its unclear, but that's like a freakin' FOURTY FIVE DEGREE ANGLE! I suddenly have strong feelings of empathy for Frodo. 
Cable cars are a beautiful, beautiful invention. 

It IS possible to write 3-4 books PER YEAR (You go, Anne Perry! You adorable little British woman, you!) Pretty sure she's up to like 80 books now... and I feel I shall never live up to her awesome-ness.

Anne is the one with the crazy smile... Haha! I heart this pic!
Laurie McLean, Julie Kagawa's agent, is a FREAKIN' ROCK STAR (and I'm not just saying that because she promised a possible advanced copy of the Eternity Cure...hehe!) She really is awesome. 

Writers make the best friends (Holla LAURA, PERRY, and ASHLEY!!.. Missed you, LAUREN and TERRY!)

Three two-stall bathrooms are inadequate for a conference boasting 500-ish strong. Ew.

Laura Perkins, from the Andrea Brown agency, is also a ROCK STAR! I have big plans to do an entire post on her session "Crafting A Can't-Put-Me-Down First Chapter for a YA Novel." It was sublimely superb! Thank you, Lara!

And last but far from least... Reaffirmed: I LOVE BEING A WRITER!


Mandi said...

HaHa! I remember R.L Stine was the cool thing to read in school and you were very UNcool if you did not. LOL

Glad you had a fun time! :)

Julie said...

Mandi: I know, right?! I had not idea he was still writing... but apparently he's up and kickin'! Although, I'm pretty sure he's moved on from Goosebumps ( : Haha!

Elizabeth Hansen said...

Sounds like the conference was great! Jules you are a writer at heart! Would love to hear more. . .

S. L. Hennessy said...

Catching up on my blog reading after...oh, three months or so. Saw this and got all weepy. Miss you a TON Jules.

Heather said...

I've been and LOVED it. Seriously, one of the best conferences ever. So glad you had a good time. Love the pictures!