Friday, October 14, 2011

Payin' it Forward!

So FIIIIIIIIINALLY! The workday has ended (woot, woot!!) and I am able to sit down at this here lap top and write a much needed Pay it Forward blog post! Truthfully, I've been feelin' guilty all day, since my phone has been buzzing with comments from so many oh-so-awesome blogging peeps visiting my blog for the first time!

And what do you know? Even with all these awesome visitors, I had no new posts to show for it.


This is me trying to remedy that! I figured since y'all (haha... look at me, I'm turnin' all Texas on you!) are giving me so much blog love, I really need to get my lazy little rear in gear and do my own paying!

The purpose of the Pay it Forward Blogfest, is to introduce us poor struggling wanna-be writers (and, okay, the lucky ones who are already published too!) to 3 new AWESOME bloggers! If you're new to the blogging scene, this blogfest is really quite inspired. I have personally been blown away by the amount of writing support I've found via my blogging buddies, so I think a blog hop specifically designed to meet more cool writing peeps is pure genius!

So without further ado, here is me "paying it forward," as a part of Matthew MacNish and Alex Cavanaugh's Pay it Forward Blogfest!

(1) S.L. Hennessey--this girl, in a word, ROCKS. I met Lauren at the Houston Writer's Guild earlier this year, and we hit it off right away! If you like comic books, nerdy movies, strong female characters and an incredibly supportive friend who's always got-yer-back, this is your girl! Plus, she just signed with her new agent last month (OH YEAH!!) so she'll be on her way to the big leagues soon!

(2) Barbara Kloss--Remember how I was talking about how I was blown away by all the incredible amount of support I found in the online blogging community? Barb is the PERFECT example of this! Her blog is awesome... great writing insights, lots of funny stories, posts and pics, and the best part? She LOVES to comment back! (Admit it, we all love that!) Barb just published her fab novel--Gaia's Secret--and has gotten quite the popular ratings back for it! Go Barb!

(3) M.S. Tucker--Mandy's blog is so insightful. I remember being one of the first followers on her blog, but it was crazy because I remember thinking she had such a confident writing voice... like she'd been bloggin' for years! She is seriously stinkin' hilarious, and if you aren't following her posts, you're totally missing out! Plus, just like Lauren and Barb, Mandy is an incredible source of support for the struggling author. Check her out!

Any-whoooo... those are my peeps this time! Let me tell ya.... it was ridiculously hard to pick JUST three when there are SO many amazing bloggers and writers out there who are both fun to read and an incredible support to me. I'm thinkin' maybe we can do this fest again sometime?

[hint, hint, wink, wink, Alex and Matt!]


S. L. Hennessy said...

Thanks Jules!!! You're the BEST!!! Thank god you joined the Houston Writer's Guild!!!

M.S Tucker said...

WOW! Thanks Julie!!! I'll have to get right on this blog hop!!! :D

I don't know what got into Sir Diggles on my blog today. That crazy cat just admitted to supporting very naughty cats. He really has no shame.

But he was sorta wrong. I do hope to get (some) blogging done in Nov. LOL

Barbara Kloss said...

YOU STINKER!!!! :) *GIANT VIRTUAL HUGS* ...and all those CAPS make it seem like I'm screaming while doing so... *beams*

Alison Miller said...

It was hard to pick just three! I just visited Barbara's blog for the first time and know I will be going back for more! Yours too!

Have a great weekend!

Heather said...

I love this blogfest! We should definitely do it again soon. I'm off to check out your peeps!

Julie said...

Lauren: Seeeeeeeriously! What would I do without my Lauren time?!

Mandy: *snort* oh dear! Too funny ( : Good luck with writing AND blogging... those two sometimes don't get along together.

Barb: *HUGS BACK*!!!

Alison: I know, Barb is awesome, right? And YAY for new followers! I'll prolly be stalkin' you soon too... just sayin'

Heather: I agree. This blog festy thingy rocks. SO. MANY. COOL. WRITNG. PEEPS!

M.S Tucker said...

I couldn't NOT return the favor! Even though the list is no closed, I still wanting to give my shout outs! :)

Kim said...

Oh, it's always good karma to share the love :)

Pat Hatt said...

Hopped on over and not so Lame-O..haha, will check out your picks, great blog too!

Julie said...

Mandy: you rock!! Thanks you!

Kim: so true! Haha ( :

Pat: thanks for stopping by, I love visitors! (Let's be honest, who doesnt?!) My blog appreciates the attention!

J.L. Campbell said...

Following Barbara, will check out your other two bloggers.

Jeremy Bates said...

i missed this hop, but just coming by to say hi! havent chatted since the insecure writers support group

Julie said...

J.L.: You won't be sorry! Thanks for stopping by!

Jeremy: Ugh... I'm seriously so behind with my blog rounds... life is ridiculously busy! [Pulls hair out!!] Props to you for gettin' it done! Nice to see a new face come back again ( :

Jennee said...

I totally meant to join in on this blog hop but forgot all about it! I hope that there is another one soon because it is a great idea. That Alex...he knows what he's doing! Thanks for introducing me to some more blogs, I'm off to cehck them out!

Julie said...

Jennee: I know, right?! His blog hops seriously rock. He's like a blog hop ninja.

Thanks for dropping by! I love seeing new faces!