Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yes, unfortunately, my dearest blog and bloggers and bloggees, I am sad to announce (because CLEARLY, you haven't figured it out already), you have ALL been neglected. I have neither posted nor commented on posts in QUITE an embarrassing amount of time. Its true. I'm a blip bloggity failure.

[hangs head in shame]

This is all cause I'm so dag blasted busy! And prolly cause I have such a dag blasted long commute everyday. And I HAD hoped that my weekend vacay to Utah with Hubbs would give me such much-needed R&R and possibly even a little blog time... BUT...

instead I just feel even more haggard than when I left.

Go figure.

Which goes to say why I don't have any fabulous writing thoughts at the moment. I'm plum out of good ideas... or rather... I'm plum out of the energy to execute said good ideas.

But on the bright side, its autumn in Utah [happy dance!] and I DID manage to get some oh-so-fabuloso fall photos... did I mention I love photography? I love photography!

Oh yeah, AND I got to see my sissies... YAY!

Aren't we cute?! I think so.

ANY-whooo... consider this my lazy-update blog post wherein I merely indulge my photography addiction. I cross-my-heart-hope-to-die to put more writing-ness into my next go.... Until next time, dear bloggos and bloggetts! I hope that it won't be such a long separation this time!


Barbara Kloss said...

OH MY GOSH you are all BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

And no worries, darling! I hear ya...I've neglected mine, too, but hey. Life happens. I still think about you and love the posts you DO post :D

Shell Flower said...

Those are some amazing photos! The one w/you and your sistas is awesome. Yep, you're definitely cute!

Julie said...

Barb: Awwww! THANK YOU! *blushes* And thank you for still thinking about me, even though I've sadly neglected the blog world lately... its nice being missed ( :

Shell: THANKS! I may or may not have a photography addiction... just sayin'... [shrugs]... glad you like 'em!

J. A. Bennett said...

So pretty! This makes me want to love fall as much as other Utahn's do, sigh.

Christa said...

It has been a difficult fall for bloggers. I hear you! Your sisters look like adorable blond minions. I wish they were all vampires because it would be super cute!

Julie said...

J.A.: what?! You don't ALREADY love fall?! I hope I've converted you... fall is the BEST!!

Christa: Haha! If only! Unfortunately one of my sissies is a Team Jacob-ite. Grrr. She's such a turncoat!

Anonymous said...
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Heather said...

Don't feel too bad, I've been the same way lately, crazy busy! And yes, you ladies are way too cute. Love the pictures!

M.S Tucker said...

Just today I posted on facebook that I wished that I was born in October rather than March!

I love fall! Unfortunately, it's normally the busiest time for me and my photography, but with this stupid back injury... well, no one's photo is being taken sadly. At least not by me. :(

My friend went up to Mackinaw Island for a marathon this past weekend. The colors from the photos she took, combined with all the Victorian Homes made me drool with envy! LOL

Question- What do you shoot/edit the photos with? Lightroom? It looks like your photos shoot blue and that you have the ability to have a decent f-stop... Sooooo... A 30D Canon? LOL Sorry, I'm sort of a photography nerd. *blushes*

FYI- Did you see I posted the High Res posters for the Hunger Games on my blog this evening?!?! :D!!! *Bounces in Chair!*

C D Meetens said...

What beautiful photos! I love the one of the pumpkin and the leaves. Autumn brings such gorgeous colours!

The photo of you and your sisters is lovely too. You look so close and happy. Mind if I get a bit envious ;) ?

S. L. Hennessy said...

Okay, now I have autumn envy as well as sibling envy. Thanks A LOT Jules.

Julie said...

Heather: whew! Glad I'm not the only slacker ( : Haha!

Mandy: EEEEEeeeek!!! Another photo lover!! There is probably a fancy schmancy word for people like us who love photography, but I don't know it. So I shall not embarrass myself by trying to use one!

Actually, currently I use really lame, cheap photo editing sites like paint.net and picnik. They are cheap. 'nough said. I DID get Photoshop for Christmas from Santa (WOOOOOOOT!!!) but unfortunatly, my disc drive is broken on my computer so I haven't been able to load it yet. [sigh]. Yes, I realize its almost Christmas AGAIN. If only I could make computer-fixing a priority. I'm ITCHING to get my fingers on the nifty handy, dandy photo editing-ness that IS Photoshop!!

As for the camera... Oooo... I want a Cannon badly!! Its on the wish list. (Ahem, Santa?) These were shot with a Nikkon. What do you use?

P.s. You have no idea... you just opened the photo flood gates. Since it seems you've made a kind of profession out of it (mines still a hobby) I shall now pester you with questions! I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into... [cue dramatic music]....

CD: Thank you! I agree... fall is just lovely. I can't get enough of it!!

Lauren: CLEARLY I'm a bad friend. Although, if you really REALLY want to know what a mad house of siblings is like, I'd be more than happy to drag you to Idaho with me sometime. Preferably in the fall, so you can get you fall-envy satiated at the same time. Hahaha!

M.S Tucker said...

WOW! That's not bad for a little point and shoot camera! If you're longing to take more photos, I suggest you look into getting a book called, "Your baby in Pictures" by a woman named Mera Koh. (You might have to buy it online from amazon.) Even though you don't have little nuggets of your own, she makes photography absolutely simple to understand!
ISBN #9780817400033 Then go ahead and check out her site: www.merakoh.com. She comes up with "Photography recipes" that you can use as well. :)

Right now I'm shooting with an Olympus E600 and I'm longing for a Cannon! I learned AFTER I got my camera that the lens to buy with it (since that's where you put most of your money) are few and far between. So I'm DYING for a Sony a33! It's more money, but for the stuff it does? Wow!

If you're wanting to do just "Photo Editing" I would suggest Lightroom. It's WAY faster and the the simplicity is amazing! It's what I edit on as well. :) Photoshop is great at more complex changes like removing unwanted things like back fat or eye color changes. It's good that you have it though. Photo editing will take you a bit more time than it would in Adobe Lightroom. ;)

M.S Tucker said...

Oh! And that book, it also tells you how to use a point and shoot camera to get great looking photos as well. I forgot to mention that. :)

Julie said...

Mandy: Haha! Thanks! Although, technically its not a "little" point and shoot... its one of those big Nikkon cameras with a take-off lens and cool features. I would tell you the exact name of it, but I don't have it any more, since it was technically my sister in law's camera and she lent it to me for an extended period of time. Said extended period is now over and I had to give it back (BOOO!!) The only bright side to that arrangement is now I can buy my coveted Cannon of choice (YIPPEEEE!) So if you have any recommendations, I WANT TO HEAR THEM!! I want to be able to change out lens-es and all sorts of cool stuff. Which one would you recommend? (Who said hobbies were cheap?!)

Lightroom? I've never heard of it. Is is something I can download online? Or do I need to buy the software? I'm interested!! And yes, I agree. Photoshop is much better for complicated changes, which I don't usually do a lot of, so that's probably why I haven't loaded it onto my computer yet. I'm definitely going to have to check out this Lightroom business!

And thanks for the book recommend!! Yay! I'm always looking for ways to improve... even if it IS just a hobby (for now)!

P.s. We should continue this conversation via email... I sense you have much photo knowledge that I'm dying to get from you!


M.S Tucker said...

Okay... I'm going to e-mail you now. :)

I've been working on answering your question that you left on my blog. LOL

M.S Tucker said...

I sent you that e-mail. Hopefully it helps you grasp the concept at least. :D

I'm surprised I actually did it. Per the Doctor's instructions, I took two doses of some pain meds and lets just say, I was out of commission for two days.

I don't recommend it.

My mom read the information on the medication that said, "DO NOT TAKE MORE THAN ONE PILL AT A TIME!" in bold letters. *face palm*

Although when I looked back at the file I sent you, other than some spelling errors, I think I did pretty darn good! I went back and was like, "Dang!" I was for sure thinking I screwed up somewhere with as crazy as I was feeling. LOL

Anywho, I know your busy so I'm just waiting for you to become un-busy and have some quality nerd time! LOL

Julie said...

Mandi: Gah! I'm SO busy! This is risiculous! Something has to go... really! Anyway, THANK YOU for your email! Cross my heart I haven't forgotten about you! I was working under a deadline last night, so I didn't have time to respond. Never fear, though! Nerdy time is a must. It shall happen soon!