Monday, November 16, 2009

Que Jeopardy Music

Just playing the waiting game now. Wish I had updates, but really there is nothing to tell. I've queried a bunch of agents and just awaiting the many rejections yet to come! I'll be sending many more queries out in the next few weeks. With any luck at all, I'll hook one of 'em.

On another, much more depressing line of thought... I was watching Stephenie Meyer's interview with Oprah the other day. And while watching that interview, I heard dear old Steph admit that she only sent out 10 queries... Guess how many times she was rejected??

Only 5 times.

How depressig is that?! 5 rejections, 4 no responses and 1 golden "I want to read more." Now how are poor wanna-be authors like me in the world supposed to grasp at hope of publication when there are authors like Stephenie Meyer that get picked up after only 10 tries?!



Rob the Awesome said...

I've got a good feeling about this! You are going to do great!

Julie said...

Shanks, babe! You're the best ( :

Emily Tayman said...

That makes me laugh just because all the people that act like it's some kind of fluke that she got published.

Just think of it as her kind of missing out on the full experience. Your Oprah story will be much more interesting;)

Julie said...

Haha! So true, Em, she IS missing out on the full experience... although, lets be honest, don't we all wish we could skip to the good stuff??!!