Friday, September 11, 2009

At the beginning....

I am writing a book.

There, I said it! I don't know why it's hard to say... maybe because it sounds so absoluetly ridiculous. You don't need to tell me twice... I am absolutely one hundred and ten percent aware that the statistics are pilled high against me. The chances of an agent even accepting me for representation are almost slimmer than none. (Did you know that many agencies have about a 99% refusal rate?!)

But who cares, says I!

Someone has to get published! So why shouldn't it be me? Although the stats are not comforting in the least bit... and even though this insane hobby of mine might actually end up wasting far more time than I'll actually end up earning back in a paycheck, the fact of the matter is, is I have a dream. I have a goal. And that goal is to get this time-sucking manuscript of mine into the hands of a publisher and onto the shelves at Barnes and Noble!

Its a lofty goal, true... but I've already won half of the battle: I've actually completed a manuscript! Okay, well technically it's not COMPLETELY finished... I'm still polishing up a few things. But its just about there! And anyway, its a whole heck of a lot further than many people have made it, and I'm proud of myself for that!

So why write a blog about it? I don't know... it's honestly probably more for me than you. A chronicle of my adventures as I get rejected again and again by agents, publishers and (hopefully) readers! I'm sure there will be more pitfalls than successes, and I'm not even sure anyone will even read this blog--aside from my family, of course, who will probably feel sorry for me and read it in an attempt to boost my battered ego! However, despite all the setbacks, rejections, melt downs and failures that are sure to follow, I want to make a record of it, so that no one will ever be able to say that I didn't give it my darndest effort at success!!

So join me, if you like, as I begin to take the first major steps in this next big adventure of mine: publishing a book!

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Sylvi the Amazing says...
Julie I am sure that every author goes thur this. And by the way I am not trying to boast your ego. I am just saying as a little sister that.... I LOVE YOU!! AND I AM RIGHT BEHIND YOU!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!