Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi, my name is Julie...

... and I'm a Pinterest addict. 

It didn't used to be this way. Once upon a time... a long time ago... I was just your average, everyday Facebook addict, perusing the comings and goings of my ump-teen-million friends on my Home page. There were no pins ruling my life. No midnight scrolls through the popular page. No inspirational quotes to make me wanna lose weight. No pictures of delicious foods that made me want to say "SCREW IT!" to the scale. 

And the words "Did you see what I pinned?" Definitely did not exist in my vocab. 

I blame Chan. 

Yes. You know who you are, Chan. 

You and your "I fall asleep pinning" and "I'm a virtual hoarder" and "Check out what I have on X, Y, Z boards" has officially rubbed off on me, making Pinterest a permanent fixture in my once "virtual hoarding free" life. It might even replace Facebook for the number one Time Waster spot. I just don't know yet. 

The worst part is, I can't even decide whether to stab you in your sleep for it, or put you on a pedestal and worship your goddess-like wisdom. 

The jury is still out. 


On the bright side, dear writers, due to said newly found Pinterest addiction, I discovered this gem:

And let me just say that Princes have been a HIGHLY underrated aspect of Disney stories. Wouldn't you agree? I mean, what gives?! We hear all about these damsels in distress princesses... everything down to the rules broken, woodland animals sung to, and shoes lost... but when it comes to their hunky counterparts? The men folk totes get the shaft!

Completely unfair, if I do say so myself. 

I count myself lucky to specialize in the Young Adult. Which, as you know, prides itself on equal opportunity. Spreading the love and word count equally (and, perhaps, sometimes skewed unintentionally in favor of) our mocho, good-lookin', totally delicious pieces of man-candy.

Three cheers for that! 

And pats on the back all around for fellow YA writers, who are with me in our appreciation for our rough n' tough, sometimes-damaged, misunderstood, at times awkward, but always irresistibly attractive male characters. 

You. Go. 


Kristen said...

Prince Phillip


Anonymous said...

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Brinda said...

Yes, I resisted Pinterest for as long as I could. I'm there now and try to limit my time.

BTW, my friends and I have a Tatum Tuesday where someone always sends a pic by text to the group. lol

Julie said...


Brinda: I did too!! Actually, I didn't really even know what it was until my pin-addicted friends got me into it... now I can't stop! Its bad.

P.s. I think I know what our Tatum Tuesday pic will be this week ( ; haha!

Mandi said...

Um, I don't come onto blogger in over two months and find you posted the Smexy Disney princes on your blog... Oh geez. I'm SUCH a bad influence on you... Then again, we constantly feed off of each other on Pinterest so my addiction to pinning is ever much your fault as it is mine. LOL :P

Julie said...

Mandi: I couldn't help it! Itsssss soooooo beaaaaautiful!