Friday, August 17, 2012

Fan Club

So... I just got my first fan. 

I don't REALLY mean my "first" fan, because, well, I have a plethora of die-heart family members and AMAZING critique buddies that would gladly walk the plank for my book. 

But as much as I love those "I-was-with-you-from-the-start-and-will-love-you-no-matter-what" fam n' friends (and, lets be honest here, my confidence and quality of writing would be EVEN FARTHER from top notch than it already is without 'em!), there is something to be said about a ridiculously and overwhelmingly passionate fan who has absolutely no obligation to give you warm fuzzies about your future as an author. 

Let me tell ya... its like a Red Bull/Expresso cocktail to your confidence!

This girl, whom I shall fondly refer to as "Rose," read my book TWICE in two days, and tackled a third reading within a week. She has sections of it memorized that I don't even remember writing (I know, right?), a fantasy cast list all picked out for the future movie, and a gigantic fictional crush on Shawn, one of my boys! Rose even went so far as to make herself a Starburst bracelet, on account of that's what Shawn always wears in my book:

She wants to chat about character development all the time. And is practically dancing with excitement every time the topic of my book comes up. When Rose timidly asked me if I was "totally weird-ing her out" with all her "nerdy-ness" I gave her a big, huge, GIGANTIC HECK NO!!

I've never had a fan club before. But if this is what it feels like? Sign me up for ten, please!

Now, I don't say this to brag. Cause, I mean, one measly fan? Hardly bragging material for the likes of the J.K.'s and Meyer's of the world! 

No, no. I only bring this up because of what a confidence boost it has been to me, knowing that SOMEONE out there (besides my devoted group of plank walkers) is excited about my writing! Its intoxicating! Exhilarating! And has done wonders for my writing!

So THANK YOU, dear Rose, for your unbridled enthusiasm. Your giddy-ness. Your casting lists. And your Starbursts bracelet. You make me want to write. All the time. And have breathed new life into the stuff I DO write. You're the best!


Jennee Thompson said...

Oh that is so exciting! Congrats on finding a true fan! I'm sure you'll find many more. That still hasn't happened for me yet, but hopefully someday!

D.V. Sheppard said...

That just plain rocks. Nothing like getting some real validation to remind you why the heck you put all that work in, huh? Hurray!

Shell Flower said...

That is so cute. I love that you have a fan. Soon you will have more, I'm sure. The Starburst bracelet thing is so cool, too. Did you see that girl that made a prom dress out of them? Awesome. I hope you have a full-on fan club soon. Congrats.

Annalisa Crawford said...

That's so awesome!

Julie said...

Jennee: Keep at it, woman! You'll find one soon!! And may the odds EVER be in your favor (you know, since HG is coming out and all... haha!)

D.V.: I know, right? As writers, we get so much negativity all the time, that having someone truly appreciate your work is like a "WOW!! Maybe I AM doing something useful with my time..." kinda thing. Its great!

Shell: Thank you! Yes, Shawn is a bit of a wild child... loves bracelets, rings n' things, AND has a bit of a sweet tooth for Starbursts ( : It all worked out, I love him to death!! (Pshaw that he's fictional!) And no, I haven't seen that dress, but I'm going to have to google stalk it now...

Annalisa: THANK YOU!! ( :