Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh yeah, did I mention?...

I got to meet HIM....


By the way.... "HIM"=Brandon Sanderson... only one of my FAVORITE writers EVER!! If you've never heard of HIM, do yourself a favor, drive to the library pronto and check something out. 

Better yet? 

Save yourself the trouble and hit up Barnes and Noble.... cause you're probably going to want to own his books anyway ( :

As a side note, I should point out my smile in that picture. I think I did a remarkably good job at it (smiling, that is), considering I just finished a nine hour work day PLUS a 4 hour wait in line to get our book signed (without breaks, mind you). I feel I should receive kudos for that ( : Haha. 

And here's the thing about Brandon... I like fantasy... but I'm not like a HUGE fantasy buff... know what I'm saying? I don't own season passes to the local renascence festival, and I won't be crushed if the epic-never-ending-I-didn't-know-where-to-stop-or-how-to-edit-my-plot-line Robert Jordan books never get made into movies. I just won't. 

But Brandon Sanderson takes fantasy to a whole new level. 

Example? Ever notice how most fantasy books bear a striking resemblance to Lord of the Rings

Yeah. I love ya Tolkien, but really guys? Lets let Tolkien be Tolkien. Which is EXACTLY what my man B-dawg does! Not a lick of Tolkien ANYWHERE! He is SO creative! The worlds and magic systems he creates are truly unique. And his strong female characters? Love 'em. 

Plus he ALWAYS gets me on who the bad guy is. 

Seriously. EVERY time. 

Needless to say, meeting him was FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC! Emphasis on the FAN... because--I'll be honest--despite all my attempts to come across as a calm, cool, collected admirer, I'm quite sure that in all my giddiness, I probably sounded like an excited groupie on steroids. Haha. 

(But so NOT funny when I think about it!!) 

Luckily, Brandon was very kind and looked past all my groupie faults. [relief!] He even spent a handful of minutes discussing agents and book writing techniques with me when I asked.

Now if that isn't a writer dedicated to his fans, I don't know what is!!

Oh... AND we got a signed copy of his new book!

[Bounces up and down in chair!]

Which, of course, I haven't started yet... but I have big plans for Thanksgiving weekend.

Whew! Now you know what I've been doing instead of my own writing: goo-ing and fawning over OTHER writers' work. Bahahahaha! No one said this job was easy ( ;


Christa said...

Four hours??? Dude, I went to a 10 YA author signing yesterday and waited 15 minutes for all ten to sign. And they were equally MAJOR authors. Where the heck do you live???

Maggie said...

Wow, sounds like you had a long day. I'm glad you managed a smile though, you look so happy to be there! :) I love Brandon! I miss dropping into his class at BYU when I had time. I'd like to say that I'm not complaining though, since I do love it here in Japan ... but ... I have been complaining, because I really want to get my hands on that there book!! >.<

Julie said...

Christa: what?! You mean its not supposed to take that long?! YAY!

Also, I must admit, I exagerate slightly... There was indeed 4 hours of waiting. But part of it was due to flight delay (nasty Houston thunderstorms) and before he started signing, B-dawg took the time to answer some questions.


I'm pretty sure he spent 5 or more mins talking to EVERY person in line. Which, you know, adds up when your ticket number is 96.

It's good to know that book signings don't ALWAYS take that long!!

Julie said...

Maggs: no worries... I remember doing a fair bit of complaining in London, cause they didn't have peanut butter and oreo cookies! Haha! Plus, its Brandon Sanderson!! Definitely complain worthy!

P.s. Still so mad at myself for not discovering him until AFTER I graduated. CURSES!

Heather said...

Kudos to you hon! I would have been a babbling mess after a four hour wait in line. How is it I've never heard of this author?! I'm going to B&N.com right now to remedy that. Thanks for introducing me to a great fantasy author.

Julie said...

Heather: you'll love him! Cross my heart ( : Happy reading!

S. L. Hennessy said...

Hey Jules, I awarded you with a brand spanking new blog award!

Julie said...

Lauren: YAY! Checkin' it out pronto!

C D Meetens said...

Four hours! Wow, that's dedication. I haven't heard of this author before, but I'll go check him out now.

Julie said...

CD: I was definitely influenced by Hubbs, who absolutely refused to leave without a signature. I probably would have left if it were just me! Glad I didn't though ( : It was fun!

GO READ HIS BOOKS NOW!! You'll love 'em! Cross my heart!