Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Big Gulps, eh?

My aunt (the amazing former New York City editor), is editing portions of my book right now. The other day, I got a facebook message from my uncle saying he had some material to send me and wanted to know my address. I gave it to him, delighted that I was finally going to get some feedback! It'd been so long since I'd heard from my aunt, that I thought she'd forgotten about me.

Not so.

My uncle informed me that it was his fault it was taking so long to get the material to me. He said he was supposed to send it earlier, but was "trying to spare me" a little longer. Apparently my aunt is a brutal editor. He said he gets walloped every time she edits his work.

Big gulps.

Yeah, maybe now not so much "delighted" that my stuff is being returned to me as "dreading". Is it too much to ask that she might have something GOOD to say about my work?? [Fingers tightly crossed]. Stay tuned.

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Michemily said...

I found your blog through your comments on Stephanie's. I also hope to be published some day, so I found your posts interesting. You're lucky to have the connections you do! Man, I am jealous. But I wish you the best of luck!